Uncle Cheffy

Apparently, the real reason why the boyfriend was late for our Friday itinerary was that he was so drunk. After I left for work at 2am, he hooked up with friends for a round of drinks. When he walked towards me at the mall that afternoon, I could see he was still drunk.

No, it was not a hangover. He was still drunk. How did I know?
> The way he talked. Not slurrred speech, just fast and a bit excited.
> How he moved
> His smell (he didn’t reek of alcohol but there’s that nice hint of it)
> How he was sweating
> His being touchy in public. 😉

The day before, we had a big lunch at Max’s. We talked about the need to regulate our food spending, and the need to eat less and eat wise. If we couldn’t prepare our own lunch, we’d buy from the stalls at the back of St. Luke’s instead of eating out.

Guess what? Because he was drunk, he had wanted another big lunch. And because I wasn’t feeling well, my conviction easily went out the window and I agreed.

That day’s restaurant of choice was one we had never tried before: Uncle Cheffy.


Now, it’s on the list of our favorite places to dine at.

20110322-063006.jpg 20110322-063009.jpg

We ordered their Asian fried rice, and their specialty dish Mediterranean barbecued ribs. The ribs were served with greens on the side and baby potatoes. There were two sauces as well – a special barbecue sauce (I didn’t ask what it was called) and the chimichurri that I so loved.

The chimichurri was a sort of pesto sauce in olive oil and a concoction of herbs. I liked it with the veggies, the potatoes, and even on the ribs. If they sold it in bottles I would have bought one. I asked, they don’t.

The whole time we were eating the boyfriend was commenting how he loved the food and that we should come back. We loved it so much we ordered dessert.

20110322-063014.jpg 20110322-063738.jpg

The two cakes we had were heavenly! I got the Chocolate Roulade while he ordered Uncle Cheffy’s cheesecake. Yum!

The only thing that wasn’t quite okay was the wait time for the bill, and then again my two debit cards not working with their swipe machines. It took so long it allowed my headache to creep back in. The boyfriend eventually had to go out and withdraw from an ATM because I didn’t want to use credit. But other than that, we love Uncle Cheffy and we will be back.

(Uncle Cheffy is on the first floor of the Ali Mall. There’s an entrance from the outside walkway fronting SM. It’s next to Gerry’s Grill (or The Old Spaghetti House))