Champion for Children

I finally did it – I am officially a UNICEF Champion for Children! I’ve been thinking of making the monthly commitment to support their projects but it took so long before making a move towards it. Perhaps the hesitation came from wanting to donate time and talents rather than sending a check monthly. Since I still haven’t found the right opportunities to work with children in need, being a UNICEF Champion for Children would suffice for now.

Sent an email to them a few days ago inquiring about being one, and I received a prompt response. I didn’t get to sign up right away, but after watching DaphneOP’s video of her recent trip, I just had to.

Check it out and be moved too.


Donate to UNICEF!

I thought carefully before posting about making the pledge or not. But I wanted to share this video, and it seemed relevant to proudly say that I am again working with UNICEF, albeit in a different capacity than I used to.

And speaking of UNICEF, remember this photo? It’s from my  I Love UNICEF post.