BC bloggers 2011

The first time Paula of Mommy Diary sent a callout for members to her new blogging circle, I signed up. I was one of the first to ever be in a BC Bloggers list, and I was there in the BC Bloggers’ Party. Smile

Now it’s time we get a fresh set of links. And I may be a day late, but I’m still signing up!



I will have to give credit where it’s due. The BC Bloggers Secret has probably done my blog a lot of good, specially in earning it’s Page Rank 3. So thank you Paula, and BC Bloggers who have kept my link active all throughout these months.

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If I didn’t already have an unlimited hosting account, I probably would sign up for this sweet deal.

So there, check out BC Bloggers and link up with likeminded bloggers. And also checkout the special hosting deal mentioned above (not an affiliate link).