My CD-R King Loot

Here I am again, blogging from my iPad. This time though, I am typing using a Bluetooth Keyboard.


Alfred bought it for me as a very very late birthday present. It only cost PhP 990, a third of the cost of an Apple keyboard for the iPad. I hope I get to use it for a loooooooong time. 🙂

There are other compatible keyboards sold at CD-R King for the iPad but this was the one I got because of its size. There’s a pocket-sized one but typing with it would be too uncomfortable. My iPad already has a case so I didn’t go for the other style. Besides, the case wasn’t as good as the one I already had.

There’s talk of tablets being issued to OMs at work and we’re all looking forward to that. I’ve always wanted to use my iPad for work, but there’s no Wifi access there at the moment so I wont be able to send my work to my email like I do with my phone. Another alternative for me is to finally upgrade the iPhone to iOS 5 so I can get the wifi hotspot functionality and take advantage of my 24/7 unlimited Internet connectivity. But once the tablets are issued to us, Wifi won’t be my problem anymore.

We’ve been discussing getting a new (personal) laptop so Alfred and I wouldn’t have to wait for each other’s turn on the PC. But if I get one, it would have to be good enough for photo editing and digital scrap booking. I would want it to be fast, of course. A MacBook is ideal, but way out of my budget. Just now, I’ve sort of decided not to get a laptop anymore. I’ll just spend the money on premium iPad apps. Much of my blogging and surfing could be done here anyway, right? The rest I can do on the PC when Alfred is done with his games and PP.

Back to CD-R King. That store is full of stuff! Imagine they even have LED TVs now. My 19″ LCD monitor seems to have died already, and I’m seriously considering getting a replacement from the gadget store for the masses. We’ll take the monitor to the Qube store at Gilmore where we bought it 3-4 years ago and see if it can still be revived.

For Pinoy readers, would you consider buying an LED TV or monitor from CD-R King?