Hello, June!

June is among us, seems like May just breezed through.

On the blogging front I’d only made it up to 10 posts for May. Published 5 in Between the Covers. I actually had more posts (18) on The Newbie Photographer but they’re mostly cross-posts with Instagram and only 2 with actual text content. Oh well.

As for the Comments Challenge – I was 9 comments short of the 115 goal. I’d have met it too if I didn’t have to get on an impromptu work trip.

We did go to this beautiful wedding last weekend. A childhood friend got married to her long-time sweetheart in that beautiful church in Sagada. Their 12-year-old son (or is he 13 already?) was their Best Man. I haven’t blogged about it because I’m trying my best not to post any of the photos prematurely. Hehe. But I’m looking forward to sharing them soon.

It was quite tiring but I had so much fun. I think that next time I have a project like it, I’d need endurance training beforehand. Seriously. And the whole wedding just gave you a certain happy vibe, I guess all or most weddings have that. For this one, you kinda expected the groom and his posse to each whip out a macanudo cigar and puff circles of smoke all over. Haha! You would know what I mean when you see the photos.

Anyway, I’m off to get a headstart on my June Comments Challenge, thanks to Paula and the BC Bloggers’ Comments Exchange. Anyone out there want to join my Comments Challenge? Just create your own ticker at Ticker Factory and play along. If there’s more interest maybe we can make a badge too. Smile