So you don’t like pizza. I get it. But I happen to like Papa John’s pizza. Not just any other pizza, those at Papa John’s are the ones I like. We’ve danced this dance before. I ask where you want to eat, you say:

Kahit saan.

Really? Anywhere? To which I retort:

Papa John’s! (or more often, Mcdo!)

Then you say –

anywhere BUT there.

Then why don’t you just say where you want to eat and I’ll let you know if I like it or not? At least if I just go along with what you want I don’t sulk and bitch about it so much. How many times have we eaten Chinese food that I don’t totally like but eat anyway?

And I really wanted to have Papa John’s today. It’s not everyday I ask for it. When was the last time? And though reluctantly, you said yes.

There must be something in that menu that you would like. Not your favorite, yes, but edible. Laman tiyan. So I ask you to order what you would want instead of leaving it all up to me. And with your annoying voice and your annoying facial expressions, you say:

Ikaw na umorder. Kahit ano.

Wow. Really, I can order anything? Here I am giving you the opportunity to choose as a compromise. We’re in a restaurant you don’t particularly like, we might as well order something you’d at least try to eat.

So I tell you we should leave and just go somewhere else. At that point I am not upset yet. I just really would rather move on to somewhere else than look at you sulk in front of food. You say no, just order. I won’t. You won’t. No order. So what’s the point in staying?

So I walk out. Drive to the nearest Jollibee and get takeout. You still don’t order.

Ang gutom, talo.  


*I don’t like writing about fights, but this is to trivial I’m sure someone out there has a funny story to share about a similar senseless fight. Smile