Basic Food Photography Class 2013

I received a mailer from 50 Feasts today announcing their ONLY Basic Food Photography Class for 2013.

Source: via Vera on Pinterest


This information couldn’t have come at a worse time. I don’t think I can set aside the money for the registration, although I’ve been on the fence all year about signing up for this.

If you’ve read my blog for awhile, you probably noticed how I’m a frustrated food photographer. My Shoot. Eat. Blog., and Iphoneography posts are just two where I mention this. Perhaps I’ve taken for granted that 50 Feasts may choose to stop offering this amazing class that I didn’t really get around to saving up specifically for it.

So I’m torn. There are only five slots left for this class of only six students. If I want to take a serious plunge into the wonderful world of food photography, this would be the best time for it. I wish I could say that the class would be an investment, but I can’t honestly treat it as one. Though others who have taken the class probably do so with the intent of going into business as a food photographer, I still am seeing it as a hobby and as a way to enrich myself. Not necessarily looking to it as a career, but it would also be a nice option, if it turns out that I truly have the talent for it. Sigh.

Will I or Won’t I?


I saw these custom pins from and my mind went wild with ideas! It would have been so cool and special to gift unique pins for each person on my gift list this year. But it looks like they have a minimum order of 100. Oh well.