Gifts 2012: Digital Project Life

It’s been YEARS since I gave anything to my best bud Jo. I didn’t even get her anything for her wedding. Not a very good friend, am I? (You’ll remember Jo from this post, my pretty BFF) She currently lives with her husband and their son in the deserts of Dubai (so far!).

This year, I so wanted to give her something for Christmas. I also wanted to give her baby boy a gift and I felt bad NOT shipping out anything when he was born. It would be nice for him to get something from his Auntie Vera all the way from the Philippines, hehe (feeling!). But I couldn’t decide what to get them.

Then I thought about this photo collage, one among many that Jo started sharing in Facebook as soon as the little guy was born:


This collage is basic digital scrapbooking! (And isn’t Kenzie just such a charmer even as a newborn?)

What better gift can a Project Life fan/stalker like me give a friend, than a gift of Digital Project Life? I asked her if she would be interested, and she said yes!

So today, I went shopping! I got her the Digital Project Life Class from Jessica Sprague:


and, the Project Life Baby Edition for Him Full Collection from ACDigitals:


I am excited to see what she creates with these!