Three weeks ago, nearly 300 girls were taken from their beds at their boarding school in Nigeria. Terrorist group Boko Haram has admitted responsibility for the abduction and threatened to sell them as brides. Though some girls managed to escape, over 200 are still missing.

Actress Stella Damasus explains the issue, and issues a challenge to her government and world leaders: #BringBackOurGirls

Why haven’t we heard too much about this story? Why isn’t there a huge outrage about it? This is terrorism at its worst form. The girls represent the future of Nigeria, they must be protected. They must be brought home.

In countries like Nigeria, just as in the Philippines, education of girls is the key to a better future. Even in these modern times, not everybody agrees that girls deserve to be in school. This abduction manifests that. If Boko Haram gets away with this act of terrorism, how many more families in Chibok will send their girls to school?

Check this out for more information about the conflict in Nigeria: BuzzFeed.


Girls belong to school. They deserve a childhood. Uphold the rights of the girl child!