#100DaysofBlogging Kickoff



Today marks the beginning of the fifth annual 100 Day Project (check out the home base for more information about this Global Art Project).

In 2017, I decided to undertake two actions for a hundred days – Hand lettering, and Yarn projects. Sadly, I didn’t see it through to the end for either one.

I did learn a few things:

  • I realized I didn’t yet have the patience, nor the interest in doing detailed and elaborate lettering work.
  • I do not want to completely give up on this creative activity. I still would like to hand letter when using my Passion Planner, and for my Project Life journalling or filler and title cards.
  • I really love both crochet and knitting and would love to stitch more pieces as gifts for friends and family.
  • Learning a new pattern and/or stitch excites me!
  • YouTube tutorials are awesome! Specially when I get so confused with written patterns. Diagrams are the next best thing.

Despite the non-success (I wouldn’t want to call it failure) of last year’s projects, I have decided to jump in and participate again this year. This time, it will be a return to blogging – what used to be my number one favorite form of Social media (before Facebook and Instagram). This Blog used to be a big part of my life and even a source of shopping money :). Now, I hardly ever Post. In fact, I have been thinking about shelving the Blog and redirecting the money for hosting fees to something more relevant and/or important. I just could not make myself do it. Some days I think about starting a different, more focused Blog altogether. Then I remember that I may not actually have the time – or ideas – for a new one.

So, here’s hoping that writing for 100 days re-ignites my love affair with blogging. Hopefully, by the end of this exercise, I would have a better idea on the direction I’ll be taking for this platform.

Are you also doing the 100 day Project? Do leave a link so I can follow along 🙂

There! That’s 1 out of 100 done!