Lost in Space

There is something about being under the weather that makes it conducive for binge watching a new TV series – although truth be told, I’d take any excuse to Netflix and chill all day.

On Monday, I finally got to meet the Robinsons who call the Jupiter 2 their home.

While I was really amazed by Technology, and how smart and useful they all were, and how beautiful that strange new planet was, I could not help but ponder the bigger questions such as:

  • With it’s finite resources, what will become of the human race when Earth finally has nothing more to give?
  • Are there secret task forces and initiatives right now that are already looking for a new planet humans can colonize?
  • What if there really were planets out there, trillions of light years away, that are just as beautiful as our Earth? Would we know better, and learn to take better care of it?
  • If evacuating to a new planet is possible, who decides on who gets to go? Who deserves to go?
  • Pinoys are all over the world and are doing great things, surely there will be a lot of Pinoys in the new world?
  • Are we really completely doomed, without alien tech?
  • What can we do now to slow this natural death, or at least to not accelerate it?

Surely, the demise of the one planet we call home is far off in the future. A future that we won’t be part of, anyway, because we would have died of natural causes, or man-made diseases. But that far off future would someday become tomorrow. Have you ever thought about that?

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