On Adulting

Monday was a national holiday commemorating the Day of Valor. As it is with long weekends, many took the opportunity to take a vacation and create memories with their families and friends.

As for me, well, perhaps seeing my Facebook status may give you an idea of how I spent the day.

I had deliverables due early that evening so I cut my weekend short and sat down to work. All the while my mind was drifting away, thinking that I would rather be doing either of these things instead:

    • Visit Amir and Arkin (my nephews who are growing up sooooo fast!)
    • Crochet/Knit
    • Read a book
    • Do more meaningful work
    • Have an adventure!

Yeah, adulting is hard. Being an adult with responsibilities sometimes means prioritizing the less fun stuff.

And when I say hard, I’m not referring to having to get a job and spending so much time working. Sometimes that’s the easy part.

It’s about being responsible for yourself and your own needs.

And when you have to be responsible for others. Of course, no matter our age, our actions always affect other people in some way. But when your actions and decisions mean life and livelihood for someone else – that can be scary shit.

But adulting is fun too.

Though I miss Christmas vacations and long summers, I don’t miss sitting for long hours in a classroom. I really did not enjoy going to school. It surprises me, to this day, that I did pretty well as a student. Believe me when I say that I understand kids who are difficult in the morning of a school day. I was THAT kid.

So I love NOT having to go to school.



I am pretty sure there are so many times when it’s fun being an adult but I am for sure having a hard time recalling right now. Hahahahaha!

7 of 100 🙂