I’m a Tita!

I’m Vera, and I’m a Tita!

Confessing to be a bonafide Tita is like owning up to your real age, right? Because Aunties are supposed to be old. Hahahaha. My eldest nieces already finished school and are working now, so whatever! 🙂

Stitches & Words | I’m a Tita!Stitches & Words | I’m a Tita!

I continue to be thankful for having the chance to witness my nephews and nieces grow up and become their own persons. I love being able to care for them, spoil them, teach them a lesson or two, and just to be able to be a part of their lives.

That is a gift I will always always treasure.

***Day 3 post for 30 Days of Thankful 2018 series.