Thankful for the good vets, groomers, and staff at our neighbourhood pet shop and clinic – Pet-a-Holic!

Stitches & Words | Pet-a-Holic

They have been taking care of our babies since 2015 and we are happy customers. They send out SMS reminders when shots or follow ups are due for any of our critters, and that’s been really helpful for us to stay on top of these things.

Pet-a-Holic is a one-stop-shop. They sell pet supplies, accessories, food, medicine, and supplements. They also have a clinic that can provide ultrasound, X-ray, and other such services. If your pet needs to be confined for 24-hour care, they also have that. Grooming services can also be availed, as well as room and board in case you’re going away on a trip.

We are there almost weekly for dog food, and now every 2 weeks for the required shots for the puppies.

Sa totoo lang, our fur-babies are more up-to-date with visits to the doctor than their hooman parents. Hahahaha. 🙂