There are days when a faint smell of pee permeates around the house. And there are definitely a LOT of days when the white tiled floor looks so dirty, and even sticky in some parts. We’ve got a few chewed up slippers, and every now and then a piece of clothing or other (mostly socks) would be dragged into a crate.

Any papers they can reach will surely be torn to shreds in minutes. And floor rugs better be sturdy because they can ruin those real fast!

The cost of vaccines and other fees add up. Then you’ve got to clean up after them – between 4 critters, no matter how big or small, that’s a lot poop in one day.

Making travel plans means figuring out who gets to look after these cuties. They also motivate us to not stay out too late, because they need to be let out.

Caring for dogs is big responsibility. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thankful for this Pawrenthood gig.

At the start of this year we only had two dogs: Chiclet Onyx and Sirius Black. In March, they had three little pups, and two stayed with us – Pandora and Roku. A month ago, these three came along: Jango Night Fury, River Rega, and Satchmi. The plan is to re-home them with friends and family.

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