A Week in Winter

Visiting Ireland is high on my travel goals; reading A Week in Winter gave me a strong reminder NOT to forget. Maeve Binchy once again transports us to a wonderful place in her last novel, published posthumously.

Why do I love reading her books?

Hope. It always seems to be at the core of her stories. Hope that if you put in the work things will get better.

And that it’s never too late to make a change. That it’s always a good idea to take a stand for your dreams, and follow your heart.

It also helps that her stories are set against such a beautiful and idyllic background. Do you also see the movie in your mind’s eye as you read a book? That happens for me a lot, which makes reading Binchy titles such a delight. She has a way of painting beautiful pictures with her words. I guess when you grow up around amazing landscapes, you also learn the words to describe them well.

17 of 100

Bohol Vacation 2008

I am back home but need time to get re-acquainted with my own bed and everything else. Here’s a very delayed Post number One for our Bohol Getaway (written in bursts throughout the trip and last updated on Tuesday morning!)…

Yebah Yebah Panglao Island! Insert fits of laughter here. 🙂

I have been meaning to blog since a few hours of touchdown in lovely Bohol, but vacationing got in the way. I am still determined to post though, otherwise I’d forget the things I wanted to say, or I’ll be forced to condense everything in one long boring post.

It’s Day 3 and we’re already checked in to a De Luxe room at Dumaluan Beach Resort. It’s nothing fancy really, but it is next door to the more popular Bohol Beach Club. It’s in a price range that we’re willing to spend for. The guests before us just checked out though so they’re still cleaning out our bathroom. We were surprised that, even during non-peak season, and on a weekday, the resort has a lot of guests. We’re out here looking out at the beach, having a beer and hoping that Internet access will be restored sometime soon. As in real soon. 🙂

It’s not a very sunny day, but we’re hoping for at least weather like yesterday’s. You can hear the surf crashing on the shore but there’s no one swimming in the beach right in front of Dumaluan. In an hour or two, or maybe in the afternoon, we’ll take a dip and brave the waves ourselves. They have a lovely pool here too, always a plus in my book.

We haven’t taken any pictures of our new room, nor of the beach, we haven’t warmed up I guess. We plan on taking a walk up and down the beach first, and then start snapping away then.

Here’s the first installment of the story of our Bohol Vacay 2008…

Sunday, September 7

We’ve been shacked up in a place with Wi-Fi Internet access but we didn’t take advantage of it, like we thought we would. Maybe it’s the fact that access is limited to the lobby area of the B&B, or that we’ve been sleeping as soon as the sun sets. Nevertheless, I didn’t shake and shiver from being away from the Internet for an extended period. Haha.

Even on the first day we were here, Sunday, and all we’ve really seen was the airport, our hotel room, and Island City Mall, I felt like we already had a lot of fun.

We’re like that you see, Alfred and I, we can find fun in most things. 🙂

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