Consolation Prize Winner!

That’s me, in the two recent blog contests that I joined up! Yay! πŸ™‚

First to be announced was the 1000 Entrecard credits I won from Levy and Noel’s Thanksgiving contest.

My entry can be found here: With $100 I will

Thank you so much Levy and Noel!

The second contest is from Ganda Ever So Much. You know what, the day I joined was the first time I ever laid eyes on that fun blog. I am so glad I joined, and now I continue to be a follower πŸ™‚

Ganda Ever So Much!

I’m one of several winners (including the lovely Zoan) to receive a copy of Blogging from Home book by Janette Toral. I am so looking forward to that. It’s also wonderful that that’s what I got, instead of a Kapuso t-shirt. Imagine if that’s what I got? I’d probably wear it to work and suffer the odd looks from everyone as I enter the ABS-CBN premises! Haha. πŸ™‚

My entry for that contest is here: Ganda Ever So Much!

Orman is still having a party, for week 4, it’s a Photo Contest! Head on to his blog and find out how to join.

Thank you so much for the early birthday presents! Winning these got me to think again on what to do for a birthday giveaway. Somehow though, I’m leaning towards not running a contest after all. Maybe I’ll just pick a random blogger to award with something. πŸ™‚

You know why I like joining contests? Most often it’s because of the freebies of course. Another is to show support to other bloggers. It’s not easy to find loyal readers who will actually interact with you. So when I find bloggers who do that for me, I try to reciprocate as best I can πŸ™‚ Contests are also a fun venue to find new blogs to stalk, ones that you might not always find just going to your usual bloghops. Through some of these contests and Memes I have read the most fun, as well as the most heart-wrenching stories. Of course you will also find posts that you will end up ignoring, but you’ll also find real-life stories like a family’s story of pain and hope, as they work towards getting social security disability for a family member. Anyhoo, bloghopping is fun, and contests like the two above make it more colorful πŸ™‚