Rio 2014

While watching the game tonight, Alfred up and asked if we could make it to Rio in 2014 for the World Cup. No, he wasn’t asking about the Azkals making it through. He meant us. Can we go and watch? Well why not?

We’re going to need a lot of coin banks to save up for that! Smile

So it’s really sad that the Philippine Azkals didn’t win over Kuwait. Even that amazing goal by Stephan Shrock wasn’t enough to keep the boys going for more. They played well. We made a lot of attempts at goal but the Kuwaiti defense was tough, and so was their goalie.

Tonight’s home game was a far better game than the last one. Too bad we couldn’t pull off a miracle. We could have at least won the second leg though. Still, nothing to be ashamed of. The boys fought well. It’s that coach I’m not too sure about. Hahaha. Smile


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There are variations to the Azkals logo, but this is closest to the one I actually like. Alfred wouldn’t let me buy an Azkals shirt though, hahaha. He’s not a fan, or maybe a closet fan. He doesn’t like it that the Azkals is dominated by Fil-Europeans. I keep telling him there will be more homegrown players because the sport is gaining ground in the Philippines. It takes time.

Anyway… The Kuwaitis must be partying now, sharing their Black and Mild cigars around. Well they deserved to win. They were pretty solid as a team and they worked hard. The Philippine National Team must have learned a lot from competing against them. For that, kudos to Kuwait.

So, will me make it to Rio in 2014? Time will tell. Smile