Closet Fan

That’s what my dear boyfriend is – a closet Eraserheads fan!

After hearing him humming Eheads tunes since the concert on Saturday, I’ve been teasing him. He claims it was nothing but LSS (last song syndrome). But he kept at it until yesterday and something in my gut just says it’s more than just the LSS.

And just when I was trying to journey into la-la-land yesterday afternoon, there it was – the admission. He was an E-heads fan way back when. He took it to heart when the band broke up. He just couldn’t accept it. And I don’t know if there’s anyone else like him – but he hasn’t quite forgiven ElyB for calling it quits.

It would be better if he’d blog about it (seeing as his blog has nearly stagnated). It was just so funny to hear him say how he was fighting against singing along with everyone during the concert. And all the while there I was starting to get irritated that he was trying so hard not to enjoy himself. But enjoy he did.