Incomplete Gift List


Tonight is my last workday for the week, also the last one before Christmas. I’d be bringing the ‘generic’ gifts I got for some people. I really wished I was more creative and picked out something special for each person, but it won’t be so this year. Oh well.

Until now I keep thinking about getting something for all my reps too. I thought I had a brilliant idea last month and perhaps I should have got them then because now, I don’t think it’s so brilliant after all. Haha. Perhaps I’ll get them some food and give each a handwritten note on a card. Hmm, that’s something personal.

I had thought of getting custom lanyards for them but that didn’t come to fruit, either. I would have our LOB names printed on it, but I heard there’s a minimum order and since I handle two small LOBs and two teams of yet another one, what I need for each design won’t be enough for the minimum.

I’m using beaded lanyards now, an agent gave it to me. You can see part of it here:

Photo Dec 22, 7 59 38 PM

Pardon my vanity shot – my eyebags look awful! I was only trying to take a photo of my new earrings that day. Smile

So there’s something attached to the beads that allowed me to also attach a badge reel at the end. I’ve been using the pair for months, but today I took it off because the reel isn’t working anymore. Bummer.

Oh, because my lanyard looks pretty, I don’t mind keeping it on even outside of the office. Just like wearing a necklace without worrying about it being stolen or snatched away.

I’m also still thinking of another gift for someone special. I’ve set my sights on something but I’m still having second thoughts because of the cost. With just one day left and then it’s the 24th, I don’t think I’ll be completing my gift list this year. I can always just send more donations for Sendong, and then name it for the person I would have bought a gift for but couldn’t. A donation in their name is a good gift for people who already have everything.