Melty Kiss


Today, I stopped by SM Cubao to get some wrapping paper. Mom’s orders. As I was paying for the rolls I got, I saw this display stand of Japanese chocolate – Meiji!

Me: “No Choco Baby. Hmmm. Oooh, the Strawberry ones are there. Hello Panda! Hey, what’s this?”

Photo Dec 20, 6 59 01 PM


It’s available in two variants, creamy milk chocolate and Strawberry. I went with the safer variant because I wasn’t sure it was going to taste great.

I’m not sure why I ever doubted that.

It opens this way, like a gift:

Photo Dec 20, 6 56 27 PM

Inside, there are more snowflakes in the packaging. Nice touch. Festive. It’s individually packed. Doesn’t make it any harder to go through one box though. But I was driving so I only had one, or three.

Photo Dec 20, 6 54 03 PM

Photo Dec 20, 6 54 56 PM

Okay, I lost count. At least they reached the house! My mom saw them right away, and she almost finished up all that was left. Had to stop her. Smile

They’re like square chocolate truffles. Melts in your mouth.


Photo Dec 20, 6 49 16 PM

A box costs PhP 119.00. Not cheap. But worth it. Consider it a treat.

Chocolates like these – though hardly high end nor gourmet – these are luxuries. Like arturo fuente cigars that you would only take out of the box for special occasions. (Okay, I exaggerate). That’s how I like to think of these Meiji chocolates so I won’t buy them so much. Smile

Before you go grab a box, consider donating first to relief efforts for Typhoon Sendong victims. See my previous post, for links. Better yet, go straight to and hit the Donate Now button. Whip out your cellphone, type RED 500 and send to 2889 if you’re a Globe user. That sends Red Cross a Php 500 donation for #Sendong.