Sarah G. Live – Pilot Episode 2/26

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Sarah G. Live! aired its pilot episode tonight (February 26) and it was a great show!


I was lucky to catch it because I’m still on RD today. Ric swapped Sunday for my Friday off because he’s going somewhere next weekend. He didn’t really ask for it, I actually volunteered. What with the picnic, the bikes, and seeing Sarah G. Live!, I daresay it wasn’t a bad choice for my part. Smile

We were out for lunch and only came home at dinnertime so I have no idea how ASAP was without this young superstar, but seeing her production numbers, I understand why she had to leave the Sunday afternoon show. She gives her all in every performance, and it would be so tiring to do so many!

Love the set and the costumes. Not so sure about Luis as the co-host yet, but he’s a good host. Billy would be a good choice but then again, he deserves his own musical show too.

Mom and Dad were watching tonight, and Dad was commenting about Sarah being comparable to Adele. He was wondering aloud why she hasn’t broken through an international career, and I still think someone should write her better songs (since she’s not a song writer herself).

Anyway, for Music Monday here’s a vid of her cover of Adele’s Set Fire to The Rain (not on the show):


Okay, I am not yet closing this post after all. I just had a light bulb moment: I can totally do a full time gig starting a blog (and maintaining it) for celebrities and companies I like, and NGOs or organizations too. They can send me materials and I’ll just write and publish them. I can go to their events and cover like a reporter. I’d take photos and maybe learn to make videos, and put them up. That would be cool, wouldn’t it?

But who am I kidding? I can’t even supply enough consistent content for all of my blogs. You see, it’s not just enough to setup a domain, and choose a webhost. Real quality content is still key. So don’t worry, I won’t be starting a fan blog for this young star, or for any other star for that matter. Smile


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