Saw a link to this article on my Twitter feed. Scientific explanation of why Adele’s Someone Like You is such a tear-jerker, and a bestseller.

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After reading it, I had to listen to the song again. Plugged my iPhone to the PC and now I’m listening to the Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall CD. 

I’m not a true blue Adele fan – yet. I haven’t heard and memorized all of her songs. Before 2011, I think the only song of hers I was aware of was Chasing Pavements. But I really really like her. If she comes to the country and I don’t have moolah for concert tickets, I will be so disappointed, haha! But seriously, that Someone Like You is one heck of a song. I would love to learn to play it on the piano – if I ever get to play again.

So anyway, Adele’s concert CD was one of those five albums I splurged on last month.

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Bamboo’s No Water, No Moon | Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall | Zia | Anne Curtis Annebisyosa | Noel Cabangon’s Panaginip


That is a splurge because I don’t usually buy CDs. I just listen to what Alfred has, or what my brother has. My Daddy’s the one who buys CDs all the time, but I don’t. Oh and these albums I got are all original – no pirated CDs. Smile

I think I’m finally going to start a music collection. The CDs have been ripped and loaded on my iPhone so Kuya’s gone and taken them home. But I’m sure he’ll keep them safe. He’s got to bring home Noel Cabangon’s CD though because we got a two-CD pack and Alfred only ripped the one CD that contained 4 Christmas songs and not the actual Panaginip album. And I wonder where my Johnoy CD is? His entire album mysteriously went missing from my Itunes library, and I want it back!

Do you buy music CDs? What was your last purchase? Who are your favorite artists?

*This post was drafted several days ago when the article came out, but mysteriously stayed in draft in Windows Live Writer. I must have neglected hitting the Publish button!