Danny and Annie

Design Mom Gabrielle Blair posted the story of Danny and Annie on her blog today. I watched the animation, listened to their voices, and was moved.

What a lovely story. I think it was wonderful how StoryCorps was able to go back and interview the couple before Danny passed on. I wonder how Annie is today? Listening to their voice as they shared their story, my grandparents faces flashed in my mind. How I wish I was able to document their story this way too. Simple, but very meaningful. Powerful.

It made me think a little about my love story too. And those of the people around me, my parents most specially. No doubt, in the 12 years Alfred and I have been together, we’ve got lots more stories to share, many are similar to the BUT post, but also others that are different. I would love to sit with my parents, together or separately, and interview them too. That would really be nice.

Watching the vid also got me to thinking about an idea I mentioned to my bestfriend when she was preparing to get married. An animated prenup vid or invitation would be nice. It’s a wonderful idea for people like me who don’t love being in front of the camera. An animated prenup or save the date video would be the perfect solution for me. Fun too.