Happy Birthday Badong!

Photo Jun 10, 2 16 53 PM

Alfred/Dodong turned 34 on June 8. We had dinner at Viking’s at the MOA with his parents and his big brother (his eldest brother lives in Malaysia with his family). I must really have lost a bit of my tummy kasi just like people at work, the complimented me for looking better after the operation. The boyfriend still isn’t convinced though. Hah!


He had to make reservations a week in advance just to be sure we’d be seated in time for a 7PM dinner. Ang daming tao, and at least 20 people siguro were birthday celebrants. He didn’t want the crew to sing him the birthday song but we told him he can’t avail of the free birthday dinner without it. 🙂

I didn’t eat much. I only had a plate of salmon sashimi instead of the usual 2 or 3! That’s what happens when you’re not used to eating so much anymore. And when you have your monthly period. Ugh.

After dinner, we headed to his cousin’s in Sta. Cruz for a booze fest. I only had a glass of rhum cola because I was the designated driver, but the birthday boy got a lot to drink. He would have bought his kuya’s PS3 on the spot if I wasn’t there to stop him, LOL. Let’s get a LED TV first, before a console. Haha! Then we have to shop for premier TV mounts too, and then get Move, but not before getting the new shelves+workstation setup first. Hmm…

Last year we kicked off his birthday week at Wil’s Steaktown. Then we had a flat tire en route to his birthday celebration in his kuya’s Pasay bar. This year’s event went without any hitch. He was even welcomed with fireworks as soon as we stepped off the car outside Vikings. 🙂

His 33rd year was a good one, this next one could only be better. Happy birthday babe!