There’s an App for That

Since switching to an iPhone4 over two years ago, it’s been hard to imagine holding any other mobile phone – smart or otherwise. I loved how it felt in my hand, there were apps I’d gotten to use on a day to day basis. I was online and connected whenever I wanted or needed.

When our two year lock-in period expired and the iPhone5 was offered to us with a minimal fee, we didn’t think twice about upgrading.

Though I’ve only had my white iPhone 5 for close to six months, there have been so many smart phones released that really rivals it. Better cameras, bigger HD screens, cheaper alternatives. I did have a crush on the Nokia Lumia but it was nowhere serious  that I’d dump my beloved phone.

And then via Geeky Gadgets I see this video of life-changing apps on the iOS. All the more reason to love.

Smart phones and smart apps really can alleviate quality of life when matched with the people who need them. Of course, the phone and the apps may not be that affordable for the marginalized Pinoy, but just knowing that this can happen for someone else out there, we can hold on to the hope that we can make something like it a reality for our reality too. Pinoy phone brands have come up with their own low-cost Android smart phones. Many iOS apps have their Android counterparts, perhaps the life-changing apps can too. I know that there are many talented and smart Pinoy developers out there who will see a need for something, and have the passion to make the app for it.

I’ve also become more and more interested in integrating both my phone and my tablet to make me more efficient in life. This, unfortunately, still remains to be seen. 🙂

Alfred and I are also looking forward to the release of iOS 7, bringing with it a new color scheme, and a whole new look to the icons and apps. Iphoneography is bound to be even more interesting with built in filters. The new Notification and Control Centers also look to eliminate a few swipes just to get to specific things or settings. Going through the various active apps will also be easier. Check out all the new features on the official iOS7 page.