Flash Flood

Looks like I’m skipping work today. I haven’t slept yet, can’t really sleep until the rain stops or the flood waters recede.

Yesterday I missed work because of the floods. I thought today would be different but it’s actually worse. The only good thing is that I didn’t have to wade through the flood today.

That there is my left slipper. It’s pair was claimed by the flood. I was sound asleep at 930PM last night when my mom shook me awake. The water was nearly at the gate. Both cars were still out there. Dad gave me the key to the RAV, he took the Civic’s. Outside it looked like the water was probably an inch away from getting inside my car. I waded through water that was probably a foot deep and got in through the passenger door of the Rav, losing my slipper in the process.

We got the vehicles to safety and then walked back home. I was barefoot. We were gone 10 minutes tops (not even) and already, the water level had risen significantly. I was wearing my favorite violet shirt and my striped Forever21 skirt. I put on one slipper, held an umbrella on one hand, and used the other to keep my balance. I followed Dad closely. I didn’t want to fall or step on anything, uhm, that I wasn’t supposed to step on. This is dirty flood water. Hello tetano and leptospirosis!

The deepest was maybe 3 feet high? I’m not good at measurements. I had to hike up my skirt. Soon as we got inside, I washed up, changed, and then used a LOT of my Human Nature Juicy Burst Sanitizer. And I kept spraying it on my legs through the night.

The people at the store next door were semi-apologetic about not sounding the alarm sooner. They too were taken by surprise. I guess it’s why these things are called flash floods. My cousin who lives nearest the road was also shocked.

As we drove home earlier tonight, we decided to leave the car on higher ground seeing that the creek is about to overflow again. Called my parents and told them about the situation. They were still at the supermarket. By the time they were ready to come home, the road was no longer passable.

The water is probably thigh-high inside my cousins’ units now. Last time water reached this level, it didn’t stop until water reached inside our house. That was during Ondoy. I hope this isn’t a repeat performance.

Water stopped rising in the past hour. But it also hasn’t subsided. The rain continues to pour. And Pag-asa predicts 2-3 more hours of rainfall.

The dogs are quiet now (not ours). Probably exhausted from running around, swimming, barking, and whining. Poor dogs. They’ve been enduring this since last night too. We can’t take them inside because they’re both wet, and too big for our house. Sad smile

So that’s what’s happening right now.

The silver lining? We have electricity, water, cable, Internet. And we are still warm and dry. We are still luckier than other flood victims. I hope I can still say this a few hours from now. 

July 7 New Human Nature Products

Human Nature’s monthly newsletter was sent to dealers and supporters yesterday and I am very excited about the new products. These will be available starting July 7, 2012.

Balancing Facial Wash and Toner – This is a new formulation and it’s bound to be better than the last one. I love the last formulation as it is, specially made for those who have oily and combination skin like me. I love the interesting texture that the bamboo scrubs and loofah bits provide. They are there to gently cleanse the skin while keeping oil in check. I just love it!

HN Balancing

Hydrating Creamy Wash and Face Toner – The moringa in this facial wash provides a nutrient boost to dry and mature skin. Now, it’s a richer and creamier textured wash and toner with a powdery floral scent.

HN Creamy

Nourishing Facial Wash and Toner – Now this one was specially formulated for Normal to Sensitive skin. It contains tomato extracts that are rich in Lycopene and Vitamin C, helping to strengthen the skin’s barrier to protect it. Glowing and radiant skin awaits those who try it! I think this is very close to the original formulation of the first Human Nature Facial Wash and toner that I used!

HN Nourish

Natural Feminine Wash – Chamomile Cool – Feel calm, clean and cool after every wash.

HN FemCool

Healthy Lotion – Vanilla Delight – I use the Berry Bliss variety and I can attest that Human Nature lotions are easily absorbed by the skin. It definitely locks the moisture in as well. You can tell as soon as slather it on. I absolutely love the smell of berry but I understand when sometimes you just don’t want the sweet smell. For those times, vanilla is just right!

HN LotionVanilla

Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner in Lush Vanilla – I love the fresh mandarin scent of my Strengthening Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner! But this new lush vanilla variant is bound to be another pleaser.

HN LushVanilla

Wild Berry Lip Balm – the wild berries these are made from? Sourced locally!

HN WildBerry

Hurry, grab these new goodies when they launch on July 7 while they are still on special introductory rates! Just shoot me a message via the comments link Smile

Also, some products that were on special price from May to June will be on their regular rates after July 7. So stock up on these products while they are still on their best price:

Product                                        Price Last Issue    Price This Issue    Remarks

Body Butter Cream in Berry Bliss 200g    264.75            274.75    Stock up now!
Body Butter Cream in Berry Bliss 50g      104.75            109.75    Stock up now!
Calming Massage Oil 195ml                      340                   350    Stock up now!
Calming Massage Oil 95ml                        185                   190    Stock up now!
Rejuvenating Massage Oil 195ml               340                   350    Stock up now!
Rejuvenating Massage Oil 95ml                 185                   190    Stock up now!
Tinted Lip Balm                                        69.75             79.75    Stock up now!
Strengthening Conditioner 500ml             289.75           299.75    Stock up now!
Moisturizing Conditioner 500ml                289.75           299.75    Stock up now!
Intensive Hair Mask 200g                        279.75           299.75    Stock up now!

Leave me a comment if you want to order! Smile

Human Nature–Top to Toe Treats

Human Nature is offering a huge price reduction on some of its products, while stocks last:


Image owned by Human Nature.

I am personally using the Balancing Facial Wash and love it. The Hydrating Facial Wash is specially formulated for dry or mature skin. The combination of moringa and aloe vera gives your skin a nutrient boost, at the same time soothes, heals and moisturizes.

I have a small bottle of the Juicy Burst Sanitizer in my bag at all times. I prefer it over the usual gel sanitizers. It smells clean and is multi-purpose too. I even use it to spritz the seat on public toilets, or to just give the room a clean smell. Although I still have a lot of juice in my spritzer, I went ahead and bought the 200mL bottle so I will always have refill available in case I run out. That’s how much I love it!

Now, get a Mega Moisture Blowout from head to toe by taking advantage of the great deals on the Hair Masks, and the Hydrating Lotion.  The hair mask has organic virgin coconut oil and with regular use, is a good substitute to getting hot oil or rebonding treatments. The Hydrating Lotion uses passion fruit seed oil, sunflower seed oil, and avocado oil.

You may order online via the Human Nature website, or you may get in touch with me directly for your orders.

Are you Disaster Prepared?


Living in a disaster-prone area (we’re number 5, high risk for flooding), one would think that we’ve learned our lessons and are ready for another big flood. Well, in some ways we are, but in other ways, we’re not.

Two things inspire today’s post. First, the flash floods triggered by Typhoon Sendong in Cagayan de Oro City and nearby areas in Mindanao. Iligan is also affected. Second, a Pin I found on Pinterest.

Before I proceed though let me link you up to where you can send help for the victims of Sendong:

– Link list from Interaksyon.com: How to help Sendong’s victims. Donating thru your mobile is also possible!

Sagip Kapamilya account numbers for cash donations

– Local Groupon also gives you an easy way to Donate to the victims of Tropical Storm Sendong today! (Red Cross gets your donations)

Prayers are free.


As for the Pinterest inspiration, here it is:

Source: parents.com via Vera on Pinterest



Do you have a disaster plan for your home and family? Do you at list have an emergency bag you can grab as you head out of your house? We have batteries, flashlights, and a battery-operated radio. Apart from that, we don’t have an emergency kit. We don’t even have a first aid kit anymore.

I think that this big problem of disaster unpreparedness in the country stems from the fact that we aren’t that conscious of preparing for what may come. I mean, seriously, if you’re Pinoy and living in the Philippines, do you have an emergency plan for your family in case of fire, flooding, massive power outages, earthquakes, etc?

Of course, the government is supposed to take care of us in situations like this. They have institutions specifically tasked with this purpose. It is their job to think of us. But if we want them to get better at it, we probably should start at home. Propagate the message until it becomes part of culture to be ready for any form of disaster or natural calamity. We have to be proactive, rather than reactive. That goes for both government and its citizens.

After Ondoy, companies checked on their buildings’ emergency exits and provisions. Fire drills were scheduled and executed. Whistles were given away. Good start. But what have we done in our own homes to ensure we are ready? What have our schools done to ensure the safety of our kids should tragedy strike while at school?

I mean, truly, our national disaster management plan must be reviewed ASAP. More localized ones should be too. If the national government is too slow in coming up with a better plan, let’s do the reverse and start from home. Maybe we can influence the village, the barangay, district, city and move on to provinces and the whole country.

We can all do something about it. And I’m not talking about sending in your donations after tragedy strikes.

Finally, click through that link along with the photo. This parent’s letter to her son, made me tear up a little.

And here’s a blog that kinda fits the theme of this post. The Burning House shows photos of people’s answers to the question:

If your house was burning, what would you take with you?

I’m still thinking of my answer. Have you thought of yours?

Photowalk: Lamesa EcoPark

It was on a warm sunny Saturday afternoon in July that we finally succeeded in going out for a photo walk. Our destination: the LaMesa EcoPark in Fairview, Quezon City. The Lamesa Ecopark is situated inside the LaMesa Watershed, the primary source of drinking water of about 12 million Metro Manila residents (source). According to the LaMesa Ecopark website, the watershed is 2700 hectares big! Of this, 700 hectares is the reservoir (dam) itself, with the surrounding forest being the remaining 2000 hectares. The reservoir supplies clean drinking water to Metro Manila, while the forest helps clean the air.

A long time ago, my grandfather used to bring the entire family to picnics at LaMesa Dam. I was either too young to remember those trips, or I wasn’t born yet at the time. I do remember cousins, my parents and aunts talking about those picnics though. Due to lack of funds for the MWSS which manages the area, the surrounding park had fallen into ruin. In the last decade, the ABS-CBN Foundation, through its programs for Bantay Kalikasan, endeavored to rehabilitate the park and reforest affected areas. The 33-hectare public park is found along the natural boundaries of the watershed and is 40 meters below the reservoir. Proceeds from the entrance fees are used towards the continuous efforts to preserve the health and beauty of the watershed.

I first visited the park years ago when they had just reopened it to the public. My day brought us there with my mom, my nephew Esban and his older sister Dal. We had wanted to swim in their pool but there was just too many people. We ended up just having a picnic (without a table because all were taken and there were no huts at the time) under the trees, and then we had so much fun dancing and laughing while bathing in the rain. Yes, we danced in the rain because the sky really went all out while we were there. It was so much fun. 🙂

Since getting Maxine last year, we have wanted to troop to LaMesa to practice shooting. We’d always thought it would be a hassle to commute to the place. Boy were we wrong! We took a cab from here to EcoPark and it cost around 150 pesos, but it was easy peasy. From there, you could just hop on to a tricycle – they’re right outside the exit waiting to take you to Commonwealth Avenue where you can take a jeepney, FX or taxi to wherever you’re going.

Though I was already sleepy on the way (I came from shift, and had work that evening too), I went prepared. My camera battery was fully charged, I was wearing tights and rubber shoes for freedom of movement, and a comfortable shirt. After all, the trip had two goals: to break a sweat walking, and to practice our photography. We successfully did both! Now, we plan on going out each week. Whoever said you can’t hit two birds with one stone? I actually hit several here: bonding with the boyfriend, practice photography, have more physical activity! Doing all these work like all the best weight loss products available out there.

It’s difficult to pick just a few favorite photos to showcase here, so if you’d like to checkout all the photos, they are on this Flickr set.

Let’s start with some flower shots shall we?

I love how this one came out. It was a really vibrant blood-red color. I forgot which part of the park this was in though.

I don’t really wear yellow, and not much orange either, but I love the two colors together be it on these flowers, or on a fire tree. 🙂

I love the purple tinge on these small flowers. It would have really been good had there been signs near these plants so we would know what they’re called, Hehe. I think that this photo could be used as background for a card. 🙂

I didn’t use any textures on this photo yet the bokeh effect was amazing. I think it took on the shapes of the small leaves of these small flowers that stood unbending against the wind.

Now, who says plants need flowers to be beautiful? These certainly look pretty on their own:

I didn’t just take shots of the fresh, thriving and beautiful. There were other interesting stuff around too. The ecopark is a true thriving ecosystem, there was lushness all around but there was also decay and somehow, also death. This post is already long enough as it is so sharing those other photos will have to wait another day. If you checkout my Flickr set though, you’ll see them all there. 🙂

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