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EMC Certification Exam for Data Science Associates

The E20-007 exam, which is the Data Science and Big Data Analytics test, is specifically designed to measure and validate the knowledge, skills and abilities of data scientists and data analysts. There are sixty questions on the exam that cover everything from data analysis and statistics to the tools and technology required for accurately collecting data and analyzing information. Data visualization methods are also covered on the E20-007 exam, as is the planning and execution of analytics projects.

Exam subject matter for the EMC E20-007, in addition to data analytic basics, includes the ability
to create statistical models and utilize advanced analytics. Candidates must be able to use data
visualization methods and evaluate the findings of statistical and data analytics projects.

The EMC E20-007 exam is a valid standalone qualification for adding to your professional credentials,
as it formally documents your data analytics skill set, but is can also be a valuable step toward the
achievement of an advanced professional certification from EMC.

Hands on experience in Data Analytics is recommended before taking the EMC E20-007 exam. EMC
offers many resources to help candidates prepare for this certification exam as well, including free
practice tests, online training, and instructor led courses. Third party exam preparation services like, also offer practice exams, tutorials and other resources that can help round out a study program for the E20-007 exam. Practice exams are a key component of an exam prep regimen as they allow candidates to measure their learning progress and gauge their testing readiness prior to scheduling their E20-007 exam date.

Scrappers Give Thanks


I am subscribed to the Simple Scrapper newsletter, and today the message was about Scrappers Give Thanks. Here’s some information from their website:

Scrappers Give Thanks is a charitable project of the online scrapbooking community taking place annually around Thanksgiving. It is organized by Jennifer S. Wilson of Simple Scrapper.

2012 Project

This year’s project celebrates our online community and all those who generously share their knowledge. Volunteers have created simple, how-to tutorials on specific memory keeping activities. These tutorials will be sold as a choose-your-own-price bundle from Thanksgiving until Christmas, with all proceeds* going to the American Heart Association, in memory of digital designer Eva Kipler. Click here to see the full charity voting results.

* Every dollar raised will be donated. Create More Media will cover the web hosting, shopping cart software and PayPal fees.

The tutorials look awesome. They have been made with love by volunteers from the (digi)scrapbooking community. What’s best is that you choose how much you want to donate. You can donate as little as $5 dollars and you’ll gain access to 14 tutorials. Or you can give more. The tutorials are most certainly worth more than that. Plus, it’s Thanksgiving. Let’s Give. Smile

Elephabet. Toppers. Rock on!

I cannot promise that this post makes complete sense. It all started from searching through my blog archives for a Halloween 2011 photo (there’s none). We may or may not have our annual Halloween party on Wednesday night, see. And to convince myself that it needs to happen, I wanted a memory of last year’s bash. Couldn’t find one. What does this frantic search for photos remind me of? The need to catalogue my photo files. Stat!

Since photo organizing is still an art I have yet to master, I will leave that for yet another day. So this search led me instead to the Bunny with a Toolbet store in Etsy. The owner put her book and crafts project on Kickstarter last year and I was really interested in it. I went back and forth about sponsoring though until the fund was completed and I didn’t pitch in at all. Now, I still want to buy the book, and maybe a few of her pieces.

Here’s how the Elephabet book looks like. It’s also available on Amazon.

Source: via Vera on Pinterest



Apart from the book, I’m also thinking of getting an original Elephant that she made just for this project. But then I her Wedding Topper Elephants!

Source: via Vera on Pinterest

Source: via Vera on Pinterest



This pair is my favorite, I think, but I’d also love it in purple!

Source: via Vera on Pinterest



My ideas for my own wedding changes constantly, but there will always be cake. Any of these pairs would be welcome on our cake!

This character grabbed my attention too, rock on!

Source: via Vera on Pinterest



So then my thoughts flew to other things. Like the best soundtrack for my wedding. That’s always been a fun topic. We wanted Pinoy band scene. Which rock band would do a wedding gig though? Haha! But any show band would take on a Pinoy rock theme, I think. But wedding plans are still, up to now, quite vague. We know we want to get married, but we’re so tempted to just elope and surprise everyone! Although, we do want to throw a nice big celebration dinner for all our friends and family who have witnessed our love story so far. It would be a nice thank you for everyone who have been part of our journey so far. Diba?

There’s no one title, or set of keywords that is perfect for this post. See how I’ve jumped from one topic to another? halloween kids books wedding rock music acoustic guitar pickup musicians friend. No cohesive key word. SEO nightmare! Haha SmileI don’t care!

So to close this post, this is what the musician’s friend above reminded me of. I had to search for this video in my blogs (old and new) just so I could grab it and share. It’s not the Halloween photo I was originally searching for, but it still has my nephew and nieces in it. This was taken 5-6 years ago. Our little rockstars with their badminton racket/acoustic guitars! Enjoy!


Voter’s Registration–5 Simple Steps

Saw this infographic from Wanderrgirl’s post:

Source: via Vera on Pinterest


A few months ago I claimed my Voter’s ID at our barangay hall, three years after I registered as a voter. I thought all along it was going to be a digitized ID with the biometrics and all, but it was printed in security paper and I had to pay a small fee to have it laminated by the barangay personnel. Digitized or not, it’s still a government ID, so I’ll take it.

My own experience at voters’ registration was chronicled here when I registered to vote. If you’re 18 years old or older, a resident of the Philippines, head to your Comelec office at the town/city/municipal hall and get registered!

You Can Make it Happen



These are Danielle Laporte’s words, and she has this printable available on her website for download.

We all need to hear words of affirmation, and if no one else is there to give them to us, we can have this page to read aloud to ourselves and to each other.

“Do a little more of what you want to do every day, until your ideal becomes what’s real.” I should take that advise. I really should.

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