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Turntable Kitchen

Connecting food with music, that’s what Turntable Kitchen does for its readers. I just saw the site today and was intrigued about their monthly pairings.


I think that is just really an awesome idea, no?

Getting a turntable and starting a vinyl collection has got to get on my 101 in 1001 list. Just because. Smile

UP Pep Squad–#UAAPCDC2012 champs!

UP PEP SQUAD UAAP CHEERDANCE CHAMPS 2012 Collage by Verabear | Image credits: InterAKTV/Roy Afable and Spin.Ph/Jerome Ascano

Collage by Verabear | Image credits: InterAKTV/Roy Afable and Spin.Ph/Jerome Ascano

The University of the Philippines Pep Squad has defended its championship title for the UAAP Cheerdance Competition held Saturday, 9/22/2012 at the Mall of Asia Arena. They were bold and semi-bald as they executed their routines and stunts in front of a crowd 19,000-strong.

This year, as in years before, UP sets trends. They had moves that no other squad used, showing that they are still a step ahead of their toughest competitors. Last year it was pixie blondes and Madonna; this year, they WOWed us by strutting to the floor with their androgynous look and semi-kalbo hairstyle. From afar, there was no distinguishing between male and female performers.

FREEDOM. The squad’s routine celebrates the freedom we have in the University to be what we want to be, look how we want to look like. Even the freedom to break gender barriers. The Oblation was also a symbol they used: standing tall and proud, free. Truly free, to truly serve.

In 1998 we were Freshman Iskas who screamed our lungs out cheering for the UP Pep Squad. We were so happy then with a 3rd place finish. Of course, they went back to Araneta to claim the top spot the next year, and the year after that… And every year since then, I remained a fan.

You don’t have to be from UP to be a fan. Just look the young men and women of the UP Pep Squad and tell me what you see. Athletes in their own right. Experts. They aren’t just out there to dance and tumble on the floor. They are passionate. They are skilled. This is what sets the UP Pep Squad apart from everyone else. This is also why we, the fans, are so confident that every year they will not disappoint.

So once again, thank you UP Pep Squad for bringing the UP community together (young and old, black and white). Thank you for once again making us proud. What’s next? Smile


I tried posting the video from ANCAlerts of the winning routine, but somehow even copying directly from Youtube renders the Ateneo vid, so here’s the link instead:

the new Iphone 5

At 1AM Manila time, 9/13, Iphone 5 was revealed to the world. Right after the presentation, the Apple website was updated with this:


What’s new with the iPhone 5? A bigger display. Thinner and lighter. 8MP camera. Built-in panorama stitching. Photo stream with sharing, liking and commenting capabilities. Better low-light camera performance. A6 chip. iOS6. Turn by turn voice on the Map? Love! And Much more.

Do I want it? I do.

So I’m probably going to get this in 8 months time. That’s when my 2-year contract with Globe is up. It will be a long 8 months.

Apple didn’t change it too much, but there are enough improvements to make me really want to upgrade from my current iPhone4. Apple really brought their guns, and took out their tool belts to craft us the most amazing iPhone yet.




Image source:

So I went to see Sean and Sab, and my girlfriends, on Saturday right? And I mentioned hanging out for a bit at Nuvali. But what I haven’t said, is how I’ve been nearly obsessing about Nuvali. As in thinking of buying property there. As if I had the money, haha.

Never heard of the place? It’s Ayala Land’s flagship sustainability project:

This 1,700 hectare eco-community between Calamba and Santa Rosa in Laguna offers green design and multifunctional amenities. It also reduces instances of wasteful use of resources.

The development has been specifically designed to embrace greener measures, particularly those related to water conservation, energy efficiency, and recycling.

NUVALI is vastly more sustainable compared to other business and residential districts in the country. And it has all the amenities to serve the needs of the country’s growing eco-friendly market.

Its four-hectare lake serves as a rainwater catchment and grey water reservoir. NUVALI also has a built-in Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary, sheltering 10 endemic animal species and 36 indigenous species of flora.

NUVALI, moreover, maintains an average of one tree for every 250 square meter of gross area developed for better air quality, and to reduce soil erosion and improve water retention.

But seriously. I love Quezon City and can’t truly think of settling anywhere else in Metro Manila. Other places I’ve considered are Sagada, New York (though I’ve never been), and Helsinki (thanks to features on cable TV). But I could never imagine myself living in Pasay, for example, or much more, the South. And Nuvali is as far south as I can imagine that isn’t too far from the center of the Metro Manila universe.

I guess I was captivated by the place. And the idea of living in a sustainable community, where eco-living and healthy-living are given importance, it’s quite appealing. There’s a wakeboard park in the area, and bicycle and running tracks too I guess.

Perhaps while there I was able to see the kind of lifestyle I want for myself and my family someday. One where it would be nice to bring kids into.

So the boyfriend has heard me bring up Nuvali in our conversations this week. And he called me out on it this afternoon. I really want to take him there so we can check things out. Oh okay, and do a little bit of shopping at the same time. Winking smile

We reckon though, that to afford a house and lot in that area, we’d both have to keep on working. He’s using it to dissuade me from any thoughts of quitting my regular job and striking out on my own any time in the next 3-5 years. I won’t be able to quit my job. But as I told him, when I resign from the BPO job, it doesn’t have to mean being forever unemployed. It’s just a start so I can explore more of what I can be and what I can do. I’d really like to go into my own business, or even be employed, but at something I can be very very passionate about. Or I could start my own answering services company (or insert any brilliant idea for a startup business here). The possibilities are endless!

High Chair

While going through my Reader yesterday, I got particularly interested in this piece that was on the Little Green Notebook:

Source: via Vera on Pinterest


What is it? Well, it’s a high chair for babies! The seat and the foot rest are fully adjustable so it grows with the baby. I think you can buy a more secure seat to attach here otherwise some sort of harness can be used to ensure that baby doesn’t fall off. On the Amazon page they show a photo of this same chair being used by a male adult.

Amir is growing so fast and perhaps it’s time he sits at the table with everyone else on the dining table. Not that we all actually gather round the table for lunch or dinner. See we now have a small table and we normally eat in pairs, one after the other. Hehe.

Know how most restaurants have a high chair, just in case any one needs it? Well, we had a family lunch last month at Romulo’s and they had none. Minus points. Maybe they don’t expect families to bring toddlers there for lunch/dinner?


I’ve seen other furniture pieces and I think – I want that in my house! Then I look at the price tag and I’m like – okay, maybe someday. Sigh. Like that high chair – click through and buy it in Amazon! Then send it to me Smile

I’d always thought that we would have a family home where there’d be floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. We’d need rolling ladders to access some of our favorite books! Right now I don’t see that happening to this house. If we do get shelves installed, we’d put them high up because floor to ceiling would just mean half the books would be submerged in water should a disaster like Ondoy strike again.

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