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Unlimited LTE from Globe

Yesterday, I saw this photo on my Facebook News Feed:


My friend (@koyat61205 on Instagram) says she just updated to iOS 6.1 and this became available. I thought that a special SIM was required, but apparently the nano-sim that Globe issued its postpaid subscribers with the iPhone 5 should already be LTE ready.

Source: via Vera on Pinterest


Thanks to Yugatech, I also learned that subscribers to the UnliSurf plan can get LTE on our iPhone 5 as long as we’re in an LTE covered area. Now where that areas are, remains to be the question. I really have been mostly happy with Globe, having been a subscriber for over 13 years, but their Customer Service is crappy. Others have been having a difficult time getting 3G signal.

I have yet to update my iOS devices but when I do, I’m looking forward to faster no cap Internet. Smile

Coca-Cola and Obesity

This ad isn’t shown in the Philippines, I guess because the program is currently only in the US. But it is of interest to me because I drink Coke and I am obese.

Some time ago (I completely forgot when that was) I signed up at the health site Calorie Count (and I even downloaded the free iPhone app). Although I haven’t fully maximized the abundance of information (and support) available from that community to kick off my own wellness plan, I do pick up on articles they post thru their newsletters. Today, it included a post on Coca-Cola’s Anti-Obesity Ad.

Put on those headphones, and watch this short video:


What do you think?

I think that when big corporations (and don’t forget politicians) spend money (or risk losing some profit) for the greater good – that’s a good thing. And that we shouldn’t be so blind not to see that their special projects could also be self-serving – a PR job, a way to look good for the cameras, or a conscience-cleansing effort. But they still deserve support – or acknowledgment at the very least. After all, when more people join in to fight for a cause, whatever cause it may be, it’s a step closer to the goal.

What I’m saying is, good job Coca-Cola for owning up to your role in making the world obese and taking steps to reduce that – no matter how small the steps. But I’m pretty sure you will not completely take your sugary products off the market. That would be suicide.

On the YouTube page for the ad, there are mixed reactions. Some people talk about other sins of the company. It’s like saying ‘I will not accept nor applaud your help here and right now because I cannot accept your other actions elsewhere.’ It’s like Sting changing the venue of his Philippine concert because the SM MOA Arena is affiliated with tree-cutting SM Baguio. Know what I mean?

So in the end, it’s still up to us to choose the better options. 0 cal or 140 cal? Zero or regular Coke? Soda or water? It’s not just Coke’s fault that I need to lose about ninety to a hundred pounds, but drinking Coke was probably a big contributor. And yes, I have ingested way more calories than I burn. I didn’t need a Coca-Cola ad to tell me that. But knowing that they are putting money into the fight against obesity? Now that’s cool.

But you know what, maybe learning about why other people boycott Coke would help turn me off of it completely. Hah! That would be the day. Happiness nga eh.

TOUGH LOVE by Human Nature–Natural Dishwashing Liquid

As mentioned in Where the Moon Shines, Human Nature today released its new products, including this 99.97% Natural Dishwashing Liquid!

ToughLove Dishwashing Liquid HN

Tough on grease.
Kind to your skin.
Gentle on Mother Earth.

Doing the dishes ain’t fun especially when you’re draining toxic chemicals back into our waterways. Not with our natural dishwashing liquid! It’s non-toxic, biodegradable, 99.97% natural and 100% free from harmful chemicals! Mean on the grease yet kind to your skin, our natural dishwashing liquid’s perky grapefruit-orange scent suddenly makes washing the dishes a chore you’ll adore!

250ml: P99.75 | Special offer: P89.75 (SAVE P10!)

This is definitely a product that deserves to be on kitchen sinks the world over. Caring Moms need not worry, this is safe for washing your baby bottles and feeding utensils. I am definitely going to try this.

What about you? What is currently on your kitchen sink? For my family, it’s the Joy Dishwashing Liquid. We’ve used it for years, it was definitely the better alternative to the paste dishwashing detergents that left my hands dry and itchy. Very soon though, I will be heading to the Human Nature branch to stock up on some Tough Love!

Just leave me a message should you want to order, or if you have questions about Human Nature products. Smile

Tough Love by Human Nature–100% Natural Liquid Detergent


Today, Human Nature’s latest products are already available for purchase!

Among its newest Earth-friendly, fair-trade products, is Tough Love – 100% Natural Liquid Detergent!


ToughLove HN


Who says you have to go all softy on your dirty laundry? No way! Be TOUGH where it matters and be LOVING where it counts.

Our all-natural liquid laundry detergent makes sure your family’s clothes smell clean & fresh with no harsh chemical residue leftover leaving the fabric kinder to their skin. It’s non-drying on your hands, non-toxic, biodegradable and 100% free from harmful chemicals, keeping you, Mother Earth and her waters happy. Tough on dirt, gentle on the earth!

How do I LOVE thee? Let me count the ways!
1. No phosphates
2. No chlorine
3. No bleach
4. No dyes
5. No enzymes
6. No petroleum
7. No synthetic fragrances
8. No optical brighteners
9. No harmful chemicals
10. No compromise

950 ml: P329.75 | Intro offer: P299.75 (SAVE P30!)

Leave a comment for your orders, or if you want to know more about Human Nature products Smile

One Second Every Day

1 Second Everyday

Today, Thursday January 10, until just before midnight, the One Second Everyday App is available for free on iTunes. At the stroke of midnight Friday, it will be on sale for $0.99.

How do I know this? I first learned of the 1SE App via Kickstarter. After reading about the concept, I decided to back the project. It means I get the app for free, and I have also been receiving constant updates from the developer.

I am a frustrated Memory Keeper. I take lots of photos and keep some ephemera, but my scrapbooking (both digi and Project Life) aren’t going along so well. Progress is slow to non-existent. Still, I look for ways to encourage me further in this goal of capturing and documenting life. The 1SE is just another tool.

Here’s the Kickstarter video to let you know more about the app:

If you’re interested, head on over to iTunes before midnight to download the App for free. Instead of giving backers free access to the app, the developer let us tell our friends about it too. If you miss it, it’s still a steal at $0.99

If you’re not convinced yet, here’s the developer’s own 1SE video of his entire 30th year.

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