Inti-Mate vs Strap Perfect

The Inti-Mate is currently on sale at my favorite group-buying site, CashCashPinoy:


A package contains 3 pieces of this ingenious product that keeps bra straps from falling over your shoulder. It may provide a nice little lift to your bosoms too SmileCCP has it on sale for P125 pesos per package.

In the meantime, the Strap Perfect is a similar product, just a different brand. This one is sold at The Little Emily Shop. Each pack contains 9 strap perfect kits, for only PhP25 per box.


I bought one pack before Christmas, and took advantage of Multiply’s free shipping promotion. I bought a bunch of other things from Little Emily and it didn’t cost too much. I’ve used a Strap Perfect on my bra almost every day because, well, straps and lifts have been an issue for me.

On the first few days, I liked how it worked but it felt uncomfortable on my back and it was like trying to dig a hole there. Haha! But then I eventually found a better way to put it on that wouldn’t hurt me.

I’d have to say – My P25.00 was well-spent. Smile

Photos courtesy of the online stores. I am not receiving any compensation for this post.

GrouponPH–Where’s my Magic Bullet?

Heard of the Magic Bullet?

Here, checkout the infomercial:


Amazing product isn’t it? Smoothies! Perfect for summer! And mom could use it to juice vegetables too. So when I saw it at the GrouponPH site, I purchased it.

That was back in March. Purchase date: 03.03.2012

Today is 05.09.2012 and I still don’t have the Magic Bullet. Summer’s ending. We’ve opted for the more expensive JujuCleanse (compared to the price I paid for the Magic Bullet) to do a one-day cleanse with vegetable juice. Still no Magic Bullet.

The voucher said that the product would be available for pickup from 03.09.2012 to 03.23.2012. Orders not picked up would be sent for delivery within five days. I had all intentions to drive all the way to their Makati office to pick it up, but work schedule and color coding didn’t make it possible for me. I waited for the promised free delivery. It hasn’t arrived until now.

They were quick to charge my card, yet two months later I still haven’t seen the product. I followed up via Twitter (@GrouponPH), no response. I called their number, busy tone or no answer. I’ve sent an email, no response.

On 04.17.2012, I did receive a generic email message apologizing for the delay. Shortage in supply, they say. Keep us updated, they say. I followed up on 04.26.2012. Dedma to the world. Silence.


Weeks later, and there’s no news. No subsequent attempts to give an update. Define – nganga. Sad smile

I sent off a tweet again before working on this post, no response yet. I also just fired off an email to support and hopefully they’d finally respond to that.

I had no qualms giving them my money after getting good service from a purchase last Christmas. They helped make Christmas shopping easy for me and delivery was fast. When I thanked them via Twitter for their efficiency, they retweeted and acknowledged right away. I need that efficiency now.

So, where’s my Magic Bullet?

High Chair

While going through my Reader yesterday, I got particularly interested in this piece that was on the Little Green Notebook:

Source: via Vera on Pinterest


What is it? Well, it’s a high chair for babies! The seat and the foot rest are fully adjustable so it grows with the baby. I think you can buy a more secure seat to attach here otherwise some sort of harness can be used to ensure that baby doesn’t fall off. On the Amazon page they show a photo of this same chair being used by a male adult.

Amir is growing so fast and perhaps it’s time he sits at the table with everyone else on the dining table. Not that we all actually gather round the table for lunch or dinner. See we now have a small table and we normally eat in pairs, one after the other. Hehe.

Know how most restaurants have a high chair, just in case any one needs it? Well, we had a family lunch last month at Romulo’s and they had none. Minus points. Maybe they don’t expect families to bring toddlers there for lunch/dinner?


I’ve seen other furniture pieces and I think – I want that in my house! Then I look at the price tag and I’m like – okay, maybe someday. Sigh. Like that high chair – click through and buy it in Amazon! Then send it to me Smile

I’d always thought that we would have a family home where there’d be floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. We’d need rolling ladders to access some of our favorite books! Right now I don’t see that happening to this house. If we do get shelves installed, we’d put them high up because floor to ceiling would just mean half the books would be submerged in water should a disaster like Ondoy strike again.

Freebie Find: Photo Templates

I haven’t used on in a while, but I photo templates for blogs are wonderful things. Here’s a set from the newest addition to my RSS Reader – Pugly Pixel:


The Photo Templates come with Fabric (texture) labels too. I look forward to using them on the blogs. SmileDownload them here. (Photo credit goes to blog owner)


So today is another lazy day. It’s middle of the week but I was off work last night. Why? I was at The Cranberries concert! I absolutely love their songs, love the band. Sitting at our Upper Box seas at the Araneta sent me through a trip back to my highschool days when I first heard those songs. Dreams and Linger were the first two songs for the night and they are my favorites!

Alfred couldn’t get time off work (I was pretty bummed about that) but my cousin Nikki kept me company. We were almost late because I slept until 7PM (left work at past 1PM), but we made it to Araneta by 8PM. There was no front act performer, it was straight to the main show. Don’t remember what time it actually started, probably around 830PM. We didn’t mind the wait.

After the party, we stopped by the table where they were selling CDs. I got me their all-hits CD as well as their new album, Roses. Can’t wait to get those loaded on my iPhone. Listening to them with these Sennheiser CX400 in-ear earphones would be great, yah? Too bad I don’t have those. Very tempted to get them on sale from Yugadeals.

I Instagrammed photos straight to The Newbie Photographer, not much but something to check out.  Smile I tried to send them real-time but 3G signal wasn’t good for me at the coliseum, so those were sent after the show.

We arrived home around 1AM. I dozed off on the sofa and maybe an hour later got the beginnings of a nasty headache. In the morning it was full blown. I threw up all the contents of my stomach without even getting any breakfast in. Sad smileI only started to feel like myself again at lunch time. So yeah, wasted a day.

Also wanted to share that I got a new case for my iPhone over the weekend. One that lets me carry my security badge too. It looks like this, but mine is in a darker, old-rose. Click the photo to buy one for yourself.

iphone4 cardcase

Window Shopping

There are so many gorgeous digital scrapbooking products released this weekend but I’m keeping myself from making any purchases. I figured I should make more Project Life pages first before I even thinking about adding supplies.

Here’s a few stuff I’ve been crushing on:

Filler Notecards 6 by Gina Miller



6” photo strips:


There are more, everywhere. Specially spring and Easter themes. Browsing through blogs and galleries has been inspiring, but it’s also getting to be very tempting to buy more supplies. That would be hoarding for me because I don’t really use them! This hobby can be very addicting too. I look at these stuff like how, I imagine, cigar smokers would look like cigars at BnBtobacco. Speaking of tobacco, if you’re celebrating a graduation this season, go get your cigars from

As for me, it’s all window shopping. No credit card swiping happens tonight. Smile

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