Ces Drilon has been freed

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Broadcast journalist Ces Oreña-Drilon, her camera man Jimmy Encarnacion, and Professor Octavio Dinampo have been freed by the armed group that held them hostage for 9 days. Another member of their crew was released a few days ago. Read the story from Drilon’s network, the ABS-CBN news website.

I heard the radio interview with Senator Loren Legarda, herself a former ABS-CBN broadcaster, as soon as I arrived home at past 12 midnight.

My dad’s work takes him to Mindanao (Davao and Cotabato specifically) and he works with NGOs and peace advocates in the area. He mentioned that he has met the Professor who was with Ces Drilon.


I don’t have any other interesting news today, other than I really pigged out and ordered a full meal, plus a side order of Mashed Potatoes (which turned out to be a full serving) and 2 free buttermilk pancakes. I ate at my boss’ station while he was out, and one of my colleagues had the same idea so we shared the booth. I shared my mashed taters with him too. As it were, I didn’t eat the meal (Eggs Popeye) because I was already full. I brought it home with me and it’s in the fridge. I’ll heat it for brunch later.


What am I saying? No interesting news? But there is!

Just at the stroke of midnight for June 18, I booked 3 roundtrip tickets for Manila-Tagbilaran, Bohol. Yes, we are finally going on the Bohol trip that we thought would never happen. Sadly though, there seems to just three of us going, instead of the 5 that we originally planned for.

The trip was supposed to be this June but we couldn’t afford the airfare. Or we could, but then there would be no money left for food, accommodations, and the land trip. My friend casually mentioned Cebu Pacific’s low fare promo that was ending at midnight (yes I had to beat it) so I logged on and checked for available flights and coordinated with our friends for their availability.

I am still hoping that Joy would be available on the dates we picked (it’s still in September) and that the promo is extended even for just one day so we can get her cheap fare too. Vanette can’t come because she won’t be able to go on a 2-day straight leave. I was kinda hoping we could work that out too…

Still, we are so psyched about it though it’s just me, Alfred, and our friend Tengkie.

This will be my third visit to the province but the first that will be strictly recreational and on my own tab.

We have these, and more, to look forward too (the images are linked to where I got them on the web).