In May, I bought my very first issue of Yummy. I had seen it in stores at least once before but I thought it was an expensive glossy and that it wasn’t local. I didn’t bother to actually go close to the rack it was on to read anything. So anyway, I saw it at the Ministop in our building that one evening I was in the mood to buy magazines.

I had skimmed through its pages but I had to sit down again today and just really read and savor all that was yummy in there. I had already bought the June issue on Saturday but didn’t want to actually start reading that without digesting the previous issue.

I truly enjoyed the magazine and I admit that it has stirred in me some interest in cooking, in a way that no Food Network show has. Haha. In fact, there are a couple of recipes from there that I have resolved to try in the coming months (I can’t bring myself to say weeks because I know I won’t be able to accomplish much if I do):

  1. The Mango Mousse looks simple so maybe I’d give it a try. How do you puree mango? Do you simply put it in a food processor? I wonder if my chopper will do just the thing.
  2. The Berry Trifle by Aileen Anastacio and/or Christine Jacobs’ Chocolate Trifle.
  3. I would definitely want to make the Chicken and Avocado Salad.
  4. Sausage and Baby Potatoes Salad looks like something I would enjoy, and so would Alfred. It’s a must try then.
  5. The Asian Chicken Salad looked yummy too, I’m just not too sure about the chillies. I’ve got to give it a go though.
  6. The Cojunudo is very interesting, if only by the use of quail eggs done sunny style to top everything ala Eggs Benedict.
  7. Alfred mentioned wanting to try stir fry noodles so I am going to suggest he give the Stir Fried Rice Noodles with Pork and Basil a try. Yes, this one’s for him. There’s a Beef Curry recipe in there that he might just want to try, but I will leave it up to him.
  8. I would be in charge of the Coconut Tapioca Pudding with mango and papaya.
  9. I’ve never tried baking bread of any sort here at home but I might just start with the Ensaymada that they featured. Good luck.
  10. The Garlic Adobo Flakes Benedict can be a joint project of ours. Alfred can take care of the chicken adobo.
  11. The Mashed Potates in 3 ways must be tried too. We’ve only had homemade mashed taters a few times because we haven’t perfected it. Maybe it’s in one of the three recipes. My brother will sure enjoy that.

Aside from the food projects, I also picked up interesting stuff from the mag:

  1. Envirosax – Reusable shopping bags/totes that come with lovely designs are now available in select stores here in the Philippines. I gotta check that out. We have canvass totes here at home that can do the job, but they are quite bulky to take with you and would not fit some of my smaller bags. It would be awesome if even big stores would actually allow the use of these alternatives to their own plastic bags. The next wonderful thing that could happen if bags like these were produced locally. It would be even more meaningful because it meant that the bags did not have to use jet fuel just to get here. But they (the makers of the product) are right, it is a step in the right direction.
  2. The Lung Center Sunday Market – It has been featured in the papers before and my parents have gone there once or twice in the past (a very long time ago), but I’ve never gone there myself. Since I get off work at about 2AM on Sunday mornings and Alfred logsout a few hours later, it may be a good idea to go one of these Sundays. I’ll just show him the pictures of what yummy food we can have there and he would probably say Yes!
  3. Lori Baltazar’s food blog Dessert Comes First. She writes beautifully about how she experiences food. I think I should add a different blogroll just for the food blogs I now have on my list.

I can already foresee the glossy mag being worn out over the years (unless my laziness overcomes me) like the recipe books my mom used she used to cook regularly. That’s a mark of a good food magazine, in my opinion.

I am so ready to devour the June issue.