P.S. I Love You – the movie

P.S. I Love You – It’s been a while since I watched this movie and yet I can’t stop thinking about it. I am also bummed that boyf has not made an effort to watch it.

The first 13 minutes of the movie is definitely the best scene of all. The opening music sets the mood, not for the explosive scene, but for the overall tone of the movie. It has all the tendencies of becoming very emotionally heavy, and yet there are so many light moments too that make up for it.

I love how Holly is so worried and so serious and Gerry always has a joke to throw back.

I’ve got to warn you though, this isn’t much of a movie review but more a comparison to my own love life.

What if this is it, Gerry?

There were times when I thought that way too. What it this is all there is to it? What if nothing else is ever going to happen in my life?

I know what I want because I have it in my hands right now.

I think I’ve heard Alfred say something like this before. Or at least he used to. And I swear I didn’t like that facet of him, because I’ve always felt that he should always aspire for something more, to let himself dream and want to achieve something else. I mean, yes, be happy with what you have and accept your circumstances, but there’s nothing wrong with striving to get more in life too. But now? I can honestly say that too. I have what I want and I am not asking for anyone else. I am no longer looking beyond or wishing that I fell in love with a more accomplished and career-oriented person. With all sincerity, I am happy with who I have.

And towards the end of their fight, how Gerry left, and then came back and asked:

Are we finished now Love? Can I come back? 

And then Holly ran towards him and they made out. So hot! Alfred and I are so like that!

We’re not a mistake just because we don’t have any money. 

So true of us too. We might not have the money to have our wedding now. But heck, I’ll probably agree to forgo my dream wedding if I really had to. All that really matters is that our families and friends can be there and be witness as we say our vows in front of God. We also don’t have money to do all the things I wish we would be able to do, but… So what?

And we are gonna last. You know how I know? Because I still wake up every morning and the first thing I want to do is see your face.


I get so afraid sometimes our life’s never gonna start.

We’re already in our life, it’s already started. This is it. You have to stop waiting.

I have stopped waiting. We may not be married yet, and not officially living together, but I know we’ve already started living the lives we both wanted for ourselves. If we haven’t yet, then we definitely are starting. We are so done with waiting.

You’ve got to have a plan Gerry.

Haven’t I said that countless times too? We do have a plan, and we’ve set it in motion. But as I also mentioned, we are no longer just waiting for things to happen. You can’t let happiness take a backseat because it isn’t in the plan yet.

Apart from the opening, Gerry’s funeral is also something. And the planning that went into all the letters and the trip to Ireland. Gerry did take care of Holly, even if it meant that it was his last act. Oh and Holly’s karaoke stunt, that was something. I wonder when Alfred would take the mic and sing out loud too? He never does.

Holly had issues that needed sorting out even while Gerry was alive. I have my own issues too. I just hope it doesn’t take a death of a loved one to overcome those issues.

I know I’ve found my Gerry.

I really did relate to the story in more ways than one. I am definitely going to look for a copy of Ahern’s book. And the soundtrack too.

Oh, I know I said it before, someone get me an Irish man! Wahahaha, peace babe! 🙂

PS, I love you