Saturday Night at BHS

April 26, Saturday, gave me another chance to spend quality time with my now-grown-up nieces. Thru Facebook, I had learned of Satchmi’s Vinyl Day event at the Bonifacio High Street, and I really wanted to go. It would have been a good opportunity to checkout their latest turntable – the Motorino II, and a great way to immerse in the local indie music scene.

It took over an hour to drive from QC to BGC on a late Saturday afternoon. Parking wasn’t a breeze, either. When we arrived at the concert venue, we’d learned that Up Dharma Down had already performed, and that they were actually the opening act. I didn’t know any of the other bands that followed, but I did enjoy the music and have a revived interest for the band scene.

We had an overdue pregnant momma with us so we decided to get dinner out of the way early. The girls had a hard time picking the restaurant, and we ended up at Chelsea in Serendra. I knew from word go that this dinner was going to cost an arm and a leg, but what the hey. YOLO!


We ordered stuffed pumpkin flowers for starters and it was delish. There was ricotta and something else in it. Problem is, it felt friendly warm on the outside, but was still actually piping hot on the inside. I seriously burned parts of my mouth! So if you ever try this (and you should), just be extra careful.

For the main course, we shared a whole grilled rosemary chicken with vegetable sidings. I thought it wasn’t going to be enough for us, but NOT ordering an additional dish (or pizza) turned out to be a wise decision.

For dessert the girls chose two slices of their bestselling cakes. It was a very good pairing – one was Toblerone overload and was really sweet, while the other was a more laid back and refined dark chocolate cake.

Back to the concert grounds after dinner, we encouraged Ms. Preggers to walk around a few times. She preferred going up and down FullyBooked because of it’s A/C. They also got us a huge cup of Froyo to share. It was perfect for cooling off, and provided temporary relief to my burnt upper palate. Hah!

As for me, I found a comfortable seat not far from the stage and just hung out. I encouraged the girls to register for the event so we can maybe win a Motorino II starter kit. I would so love that. We were there until the last act, but didn’t actually finish the program. There was also a queue to listen to sample music from the turntables they had prepared, so we didn’t get to try. I could have waited for my turn but I was so afraid I’d end up buying the thing as soon as I heard how beautiful it sounded. Seriously.

I had a good time. Not sure if the girls did, but I sure hope so.

Oh, and Ms. Preggers is now Little Miss Mommy. She gave birth on the 29th to a healthy baby girl.

Mary Lambert

At work we always have music playing. All day long. The only time it isn’t playing is when there’s a problem with the computer or PA system.

It was a Sunday, I was so amused because we were tuned in to SiriusXM Love and the tunes were from the 80s and the 90s. It was the ultimate throwback. Lol.

It’s always more fun to work while grooving to music you like, and to the chagrin of my seatmates, I sing along to the music a lot.  SmileIt is especially fun when you hear a song you liked from somewhere aired over the radio for the first time – like hearing Same Love over SiriusXM. It’s not like Same Love was my favorite song, and no I don’t play it on YouTube over and over, day after day. But after the first time I heard it, the melody, and the message, got stuck in my head. I knew I actually loved it when I found myself singing along with Mary – She keeps me waaaarm…

The beautiful and talented Mary Lambert sings the chorus to this love song by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. If I wasn’t browsing through old posts on Cathy Zielske’s blog, I would have missed her post featuring Mary Lambert.

She Keeps Me Warm

Last month, Mary Lambert released her music video She Keeps Me Warm. One can say it’s a spin off Same Love. But it could also be a love song intertwined with another one.

What a wonderful wonderful song. And that voice! I can listen to her the whole weekend and feel relaxed and ready for Monday. You know what I mean? Smile

I’ve bookmarked her EP on iTunes (Letters Don’t Talk) because I’m definitely buying that along with She Keeps Me Warm as soon as I let myself use my credit card again. Maybe sooner, lol!

Her EP includes her spoken word performance on Body Love. Girls of all shapes and sizes should listen to her.

If only I could have a fraction of her talent. She’s is just so amazing! Smile

Don’t Stop Believing

Thank you to Upworthy for sharing this on Facebook today:

Though I haven’t seen every single episode of Glee since Season 1, I am a Gleek (checkout my Glee posts) and I have grown to love the characters. I even cried at the season 3 finale, when they all graduated and bid farewell to Rachel at the train station. So yes I was saddened by the death of Cory Monteith. It is difficult to imagine Glee without him. His smile, his awkward dancing, his auto-tuned voice, even his drum beating.

We have months until the next season of Glee, which gives me time to watch reruns and pretend that Finn Hudson is still alive. But for those real hardcore fans, consider supporting the charity that Cory believed in. And give more kids a reason to not stop believing.

Amazon Daily Deal: JBL iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock

Checkout this JBL OnStage IIIP 30-Pin iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock today on Amazon, it’s up for only USD59.99 instead of the regular price of USD169.95.


Product Features

  • Supports most iPhone and iPod models with 30-Pin Dock Connector
  • 3.5-mm mini jack allows connection of other audio devices such as MP3 and CD players, desktop computers, satellite radios, and laptops
  • Odyssey transducers and Slipstream port design provide a full, rich frequency response
  • Includes an RF remote control with full iPod navigation


The deal may only be availble today, December 1, so hurry!

Here’s the link once again: JBL OnStage IIIP 30-Pin iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock

The Ely Buendia Experience

Back in October a friend from work tagged me on a poster for Ely Buendia Sings His Greatest Hits, Live! Almost immediately, without even considering that I worked Saturdays, I said yes to going.

The closet fan did not join me on Saturday night, and it wasn’t a big deal because it was all about Ely and me. Haha! I just about tuned out everyone else and concentrated on my idol.

We had good seats, even if it was the very back row of Patron C. It meant we could stand up and dance all we want and not worry about bothering anyone behind us. The only downside is that my camera had no zoom lens. Even not being able to take fab photos didn’t bother me so much, I was there for the music. Smile

The show lasted a little over an hour, short if compared to other concerts, and even bar gigs. It was like going to a music bar and listening to just one set. But it was a good show and I really enjoyed it. There were no interruptions, no special guests, no technical difficulties. Just Ely’s voice supported by the band and the orchestra. All Ely, all the way.

It was only my second time at the Music Museum and first in those seats. Love the idea of being able to order in food and drinks and having a place to put them on during the show. We didn’t order anything in though, the prices were jacked up too high! 98 pesos for Coke in can? Seriously? Haha.

Our after show photo – Aisa’s friend, Aisa, Janel, Bee and me! Ric was taking the photo.


Here are photos taken by Janel during the show:





Janel took videos too, and you can look them up at his Youtube channel –

Here’s the vid of the first song, Alapaap:


The last song for the evening, Ang Huling El Bimbo:


One of my favorites, ever: Ligaya!

Watch the other videos in Youtube, via Qritiko’s channel.

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