What Happens in Vegas (I <3 Ashton Kutcher)

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Before I saw CSI on Cable on Sunday night, I watched What Happens in Vegas on DVD.

Predictably – Ashton Kutcher was disgustingly lovable! Haha.

I enjoyed watching and I had some laughs. I wasn’t creeped out laughing on my own in the middle of the night Giggle 2. It was a fun movie to watch.

I have to agree with my friend though, they don’t really make a cute couple, but I guess they were effective for their respective roles. It was quite easy to figure out the story. It makes for very light watching – no analysis needed. They did try to put something else into the story – like a background for why Jack was such a jerk, or why Joy was so uptight. But they just played on the same things over and over so there wasn’t really much there…

But that’s the up side to this movie too: just plain fun to watch.

Oh, here’s a thought too. What made Joy bet on Jack? I mean, apart from him going to the retreat and saving her ass, what did Jack show her that made her bet on him? Or was she just saying it out of pity. I get how easy it was for Joy to be herself around Jack, and not to wish she was something or somebody else. But the other way around? I didn’t quite get that.

Anyhoo. I still enjoyed the movie and would recommend it for anyone who’s bored Laughing. I also agree that for any relationship to work, the individuals have to somehow come to terms with their own demons. If they can’t rid themselves of it, at least they should know that they have quirky issues.

What Happens in Vegas also got me thinking: what does it really take to make a marriage last? What makes a union a marriage? My parents have been together for over 30 years. I was at my grandparents’ golden wedding anniversary just before I started my freshman year at the university. I’d still like to believe that most marriages in the Philippines do last. Will Alfred and I make a good marriage?

Yesterday, he mentioned to me that he has casually told his parents our plans to get married in June of 2009. Casually. It was his eldest brother’s despedida lunch and that brother’s father in law casually asked his mom when Alfred had plans to tie the knot. So he told them. That was it. We don’t know how we’re going to tell my side of the family. It feels kinda weird. Haha.

Have we prepared ourselves for it already? Do we bring out the best in each other like Jack and Joy did? Though sometimes it doesn’t look like it, I still think that we do.