Visiting San Benissa

I’m not sure why I didn’t take pictures. The camera was sitting in my bag the whole time.

My parents and I, and then later my brother and his girlfriend, went to San Benissa Garden Villas for the orientation for condo owners in the new community. It’s the property that I am now proud owner of. Oh okay, it isn’t fully mine but I am paying for it. My brother and I own a unit each and we both took out loans for it that we pay for monthly.

The units have been ready for months, we just haven’t had the chance to take care of it. We will either live in it, or rent it out. Either way, we would need to fix it up. My bro, who is far more thrifty than I am, can afford to spruce it up. I can’t.

I’ve found one reason not to move in myself: no dogs allowed. What?!

They said that they would allow visits, but the dog has to be carried to the unit and can stay for long. If we took Zune there and walked him through the streets for his daily walks – they would have us reported. Tsk. Dad says they’ll just bring Zune to us from time to time, and we could also visit him here. No. I don’t think so.