Return to Divisoria – Thursday Thirteen – #12

Though I did not get much sleep, I am so happy with how we spent our day. Alfred finally took me for some retail therapy where all the bargain hunters go – Divisoria! (Check other posts about Divi – the place to be! – here, here and here.

So this edition of Thursday Thirteen is all about my July 2 2008 trip to Divi!

  • This was the earliest I’ve ever been to Divi – we were there before 9am. I got off work at around 730 and we went there right after breakfast. We were able to beat the traffic because we passed through North rather than traverse the length of Quezon Avenue and España. Early is the best time at Divi!
  • We hopped on a jeepney from Divi to Morayta on our way home. Why is this worth mentioning? Because I do not commute (public transport) on a daily basis. I take a cab to and from work not because I’m rich or maarte but because it’s the fastest, and actually the most practical way for me. If I were to go by public transport, it would take 2 rides and about 4 blocks on foot to get to work. I do take the jeepney if I only have to go somewhere “near.” The ride reminded me that I should commute more often – ditch the cabs!
  • We set out to find these, and we did! All I need is magnets and can turn them into those. They were so cheap!

  • We also got two pairs of pants for myself with some embroidered embellishments on the pockets (not too attention grabbing, don’t worry). (PhP 250 each)
  • I also grabbed a pair for my mom!
  • There are 2 shirts for dad too! (at PhP 250 for both!)
  • A black jacket for Alfred which really made his shoulders look broader than usual (I likey). This would hopefully curb his craving for an Adidas jacket. 🙂
  • Anime DVDs! (for Alfred too)
  • It rained so we had to purchase two big umbrellas (for 90 pesos or 2 US dollars each)
  • We used only 50% of plastic bags than we would normally have because I had my funky Envirosax tote!
  • Oh, and I got cheap fabrics for a project I’ll be making this weekend. I’m not sure but I got the feeling that these were scraps or rejects or something. But the prints are awesome. No pictures for now because I’d rather post the finished product.
  • I got a muumuu for myself, and one for Alfred’s mom. Okay, we don’t call them muumuus here, we refer to them as dusters but that’s the closest English equivalent I could find. And these ‘dresses’ I got are house-dresses, not what one would normally wear when going out. 🙂
  • Aside from the assault we did on Divisoria Mall itself, we were only able to look around the two streets leading to DM but there are so many other shops and sidewalk stalls in that area that we will have to scour next time we’re there. If things go the way I want them to in terms of projects, we’d probably go there at least once every month. Yay!

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Oh, Thank you for taking me there Babe!