Random thoughts on a Sunday morning

* I missed Scrapbook Saturday. I’ll make it up next week.

* I spent 14 hours at work last night. There was a time when Overtime was the norm for me, averaging 12 hours. But it hasn’t been that way in a long time. Today was not bad though, I stayed just because I wanted too and not necessarily because I had work to do.

* I just finished New Moon and I actually loved it better then Twilight. Haha. I read it in less than eight hours. I’ve a feeling I’ll post about this again one of these days. 😉

* Can’t get over the amount of tax I am paying this government, much less the gross tax payments coming from this household. Sheesh.

* I noticed how big my tummy is. I am fat, not pregnant. But sometimes it’s nice to think about having my own baby and shopping for baby clothes and all the things they need. Years ago, I’d walk in to the department store and the Infant section just beckoned to me. I would walk around, first checking the toys, then the bottles. Next to the teeny tiny clothes that I enjoyed looking through, my next favorite baby items have got to be the beddings, and the strollers. It’s always cute to look at toddlers in their strollers – at the mall, or out on their daily walks. Or infants snug and so comfortably laying there wherever their parents took them. Ahhh…. Wait, I used to browse through infant sections a lot because there was always a baby in the extended family. Just saying. 🙂

* This was a good week at work. Hopefully next week is just as good. Could it be because I’ve actually been sleeping better at home? Maybe.

* It’s a weekend, let’s all have a good one 🙂