Wow Magic Sing!

We’ve been talking about it and we had even decided before that Mom was going to get one in exchange for her Credit Card rewards, but it was only today that the plan finally fell through – we are proud owners of a Wow Magic Sing Concerto Edition sing-a-long system! Wahaha 🙂

If you are Pinoy or if you know someone who has Pinoy in his blood, then you know what this Magic Sing is all about. It’s a “magic mic” that you can plug in to your TV or Home Entertainment System. It has it’s own library of songs (I think this one has 2000) and it also has a built-in scoring system – Karaoke style!

You don’t need to memorize the lyrics, or the tune/melody, because there’s a guide for you. Yes, remember the follow-the-whatever-object-flies-around-over-the-words/lyrics in the Looney Tunes shows of old? It’s a lot like that.

Videokes are now not just found in night clubs, or in gatherings/celebrations. You will find one in many street corners, in the mall, in gaming arcades. They are all over. And always, you will always find someone willing to belt it out.

My family is no exemption. Although we do prefer to do so in the confines of our small compound here. 😉

The Magic Mics (there’s two in the set) had to wait until just before midnight before I could take them out of their box. We had dinner downstairs for my niece Hanna’s ninth birthday and I lingered there to chitchat with my cousins some more. When I finally came home, my brother was about to leave for work, my Dad was already fast asleep, and my Mom was the only one left still up.

I didn’t wait to be told twice to checkout our latest toy. I opened it up, read enough of the manual to know how to set it up properly. And then there I was singing.

I scored 74 for the first song – WHAT?! Haha. But for the rest of the time, I got this:

Yup – I’m an excellent singer. Haha! 🙂 My Mom didn’t sing tonight but she sat through several songs before she turned in for the night. She must have told my Dad what I was doing because he actually came downstairs to check it out. Of course I let him have the mic for two Beatles songs. Yeah, just two. I gave myself an hour to enjoy singing (with the TV volume turned down to avoid waking the neighbors) but my concert actually ran for two hours! Fun 🙂

Now we wouldn’t have to spend additional money to rent Videoke systems for our Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve gatherings. We would need amplifiers and loud speakers to still be able to compete with neighbors on the other side of the creek though. Hehe.