Counting years, counting calories.

Thank you so much for your comments on my UP100 layout. I realized I didn’t post the story behind the photo and the layout, so here goes.

When we first walked the streets of Diliman as freshmen students, and gone up the steps of Palma Hall and its Annex – our beloved PHAn – the University of the Philippines was just celebrating it’s 90th foundation anniversary. Now, it’s Centennial year. 

Ten years, that’s how long we’ve known each other. Ten years of friendship. 🙂

Because our paths crossed in UP, the UP will always be part of us when we celebrate our friendship. There’s seven of us in the group but only three in that picture: Arianne, Yrish and Mayeen. 

This Centennial year, there are a lot of ways that the UP community is celebrating – this includes the release of memorabilias. And what are UP girls to do with all those collectables? Why, grab ’em of course! That’s Mayeen showing the rest of us her piece of the limited edition hundred peso notes that were released this week. I have one myself but I don’t bring it with me anymore. I used to have two crumpled pieces in my purse but I accidentally gave one to a taxi driver when I was paying in a hurry. When I got a better looking piece, I parted with the last crumpled one. Haha. 

On other news…

So my parents did purchase a stationery bike but it isn’t due for delivery until Tuesday. The good news is that my dad is still exercising daily – he either takes a morning walk with Ma, or he just goes on the tread mill. 

I figured it would be the perfect time for me to jump in and include a diet plan in the mix. I know that no matter how much I exercise, if I don’t watch what I eat, I just won’t see any of the pounds slide off me. 

I’ve heard a lot about Weight Watchers and I’ve even seen a cookbook or two that was especially made for WW’ers. I don’t know how exactly it works though, and I doubt if there’s a local chapter for meetings here. Someone told me that I could get the info online and so I visited their Website. 

Unfortunately, you’ve got to sign up for their online program and the public site doesn’t really give away any of the vital information you’d need to get started. I don’t really have the money to spend on the online registration that has a weekly fee so I guess I’d have to search for alternatives.

I’ll be reviewing the information I collected in the past about the Southbeach Diet and maybe I’ll do that again. I doubt if I can get to eat Alfred the same way too, but I’ll give it a shot. To be honest, I don’t want to go this route if I can find a more workable personal plan. Maybe I should start with understanding food, nutrients and calories. 

If all else fails, there are always diet pills.