The Great Friendship Weekend 

Project Life page - The Great Friendship Weekend

Project Life page – The Great Friendship Weekend

May was a month for seizing weekends. There was the Pacquiao-Mayweather weekend, and then our Staycation at the Rockwell, then I had The Great Friendship Weekend.

May 25th was US Memorial Day and it meant no work for my program. Instead of planning a weekend trip away with the family, I decided to get in touch with friends and see if anyone was up for some no-good 🙂 Good thing, most were in the mood for just that!

The kick-off though wasn’t with friends – it was actually a huge lunch with the family. My Mom and Dad celebrated their Wedding Anniversary on the 24th and we got together for lunch at Saisaki. While waiting to be seated, Amir busied himself with taking photos:

Photographer Amir

Photographer Amir

After the extended lunch, I met up with my College girlfriends at Pauie’s grandma’s wake. It was a sad occasion, but we’ll take any opportunity to catch up on each other’s lives. We weren’t complete, but Yrish came with her husband and kids. Badong couldn’t get over my goddaughter Sab! She was one of our flower girls and she’s grown big in the last 6 months! She is so cute though, and really really adorable. And her brother is such a Kuya.

Sean and Sab

Sean and Sab

From the church, we walked to the nearby UP Town Center for some grub, and a little shopping too. It was soooo hot outside it felt like we were literally melting. It was a short walk but both Badong and I were winded. So unfit, that’s what we are. Unfit. Haha.

The next day, I had two things on my agenda – meet up with the BFF, and then with the Friendships. This is only the second time this year that the BFF and I are meeting up. The first was with his little boy, in between travels, and this one was just before they left again – this time for Qatar where they are hopefully settling down for a long while. They spent a year in Australia but decided to pack up and try their luck in the Middle East once more. Before then, they were based in Dubai. Anyway, we don’t know when we’ll see each other next, I hope I get to fly out to her then! Hehe.

I decided to bring her to The Bunny Baker Cafe and Cake Studio. It’s a cute place and they serve good food. It’s also located in the same building as my wedding reception and I know Jo would appreciate checking the place out. We shared the Ooey Gooey Dessert – a decadent brownie ala mode on a skillet.

BFF Ooey Gooey

BFF Ooey Gooey

After saying our goodbyes – I went grocery shopping for my next stop – The Friendship Send Off for Rico. The gang was already at a rented condo unit at the Eastwood and I was getting more supplies. No kitchen duty for me – God forbid – but I did bring the videoke!

food for the weekend

food for the weekend

It’s a good thing my friends are talented cooks. All I had to do was bring some stuff, and then sit back, and relax. But that night wasn’t just about eating and drinking, and not even just videoke. We actually got some serious talking done – about work, life, and relationships.

I love having different sets of friends and that I got to see most of them this weekend. I would spend a lot of time regularly with all of them if I could, I am just so happy that even time apart isn’t reason to drift apart. There are still friends I need to setup dates with and it’s good to know that there just out there somewhere. Honestly, I didn’t think I would make friends as an adult so I am so thankful to have found my tribe at work and that our relationship has gone deeper into friendship. Now that I’m in a different program, I don’t see them everyday anymore but the bond is stronger than ever.

Yay to friends!

Sean and Sab


Weekends and Holidays. Who doesn’t love them? Unluckily for me (and thousands more working in the BPO industry) we have no such thing as a long weekend. Unless we go on leave. So while the rest of the country made plans for a long weekend, and while more still look forward to one more day work-free, here I am already over it. I already went back to work last night. Went to work silently wishing I actually had one more day. Sigh.

See, I need two days to just crash. One day to just eat-sleep-loaf around, and another day to do it all over again. This weekend, I only had half a day of such lifestyle (Sunday morning). On Saturday, we went to visit sweet Sean, his newborn baby sister Sab, and their parents. It was a good hour’s drive from the Metro.

It was a fun day and I enjoyed myself immensely, but I needed a full day to recover. Haha. Smile



Apart from allowing Sean to show us his toys, or amaze us with his mastery of using apps on both an Android phone and an Iphone, we also gushed over baby Sab, and caught up with Mommy Y.


We even snuck in some window shopping time at Nuvali, where we also had dinner, and bought yummy bread from Purple Oven.

I cherish these rare times with my girlfriends and try not to worry about time or expense when I do get to see them. After all, I hardly ever do! Like with Y, it’s been over a year since I last saw her. So I definitely do not mind having to drive all the way to San Pedro, Laguna. It’s not even that far really.

How did you spend your long weekend?

I Declair!

I met up with two friends yesterday for a late lunch. Okay, so they had lunch and I was late. 🙂 It was what you’d call an impromptu date. I woke up to text messages from both girls about going out early that afternoon. I’d been sick so wasn’t sure I could go. By 12, I was feeling normal, save for the hoarseness in my voice and the occasional coughing. But what the heck, I had an errand to run anyway, so off I went.

Jack’s Loft was the spot of choice, al fresco (and very windy at that) at the top floor of the Trinoma Mall. I ordered an Oriental Chicken Salad that I didn’t care for much 🙁 But no worries, having these two for company was good enough for me:

They were having fries when I arrived, having finished lunch already. After awhile, they picked our dessert:

The mango mousse was brought out first. It was good. Real mango slivers on top of mango crème, and a pastry bottom. Not too sweet, and definitely not sour. I wonder how they made sure the mango was just right? I hate it when restaurants serve ripe mango for dessert and it turns out to be sour. That’s also what has kept me from using mango in any of my baking experiments. But I’d love to make something that channels Conti’s Mango Bravo. So I’d love to know the secret!

So a few minutes later this, uhm, decadent dessert was served:

It’s an eclair. But instead of regular cream inside, it has ice cream and a whole lotta whipping cream. Hehe. 🙂

I feel like we didn’t do a lot of catching up, we were there for just 2.5-3 hours tops. But it was nice, and something we should do more often. Not the eating a lot part, but the hanging out and just being there.

Oh and though I know Pauie won’t read this anyway, I do pray that things turn out well and there won’t be anything to worry about. 🙂


It would have been nice if this post was accompanied by her photo from our Saturday morning brunch, but I forgot to take out my camera to take a snapshot of her… Okay, I just sneaked around her Facebook profile and found this photo of her from early this month (don’t worry, I left a note asking for permission):

That's Beth in the middle, with her boyfriend, and one of her sisters.

We met in highschool and continued to be friends even when we were no longer classmates, and didn’t attend the same University. She lived and grew up in and around E. Rodriguez too. So back in the day, I would frequently visit her house, and she was a frequent visitor in ours. When we started working, we’d meet up every once in a while just to catch up.

A few months ago, I was surprised to find out that she was working in another country! What a friend, huh (referring to me)? I didn’t even know that she’d already completed 4 out of the 5 years in her contract. Imagine that? She’s been away so long and I didn’t even know. 🙁 So when I found out that she’s home for vacation this month, I sorta ‘reserved’ a date with her. She would have been great company to the UPSA anniversary concert, but she had a full day planned for Friday. I remember seeing the Madrigal Singers at the CCP with her. It was a totally impromptu date because I got free tickets from another friend on the same day. I don’t remember what year that was!

So today (Saturday) we had a healthy brunch at the Pancake House along E.Rodriguez, a place that’s accessible to both of us. We didn’t eat much but talked a lot instead. She hasn’t seen Jo Arni yet, which I found really odd since they were already in the same country as of a few months ago. We talked about health issues, gaining and losing weight, our partners, our highschool batchmates who are now married and with kids,  and so many other things. We talked about our jobs, and how we can be passionate about the work, but how sometimes there are people around that just drain your life force! Haha! Like always, it was so easy to just get right into it. I guess when you’re good friends, you just pick up where you left off.

I am so glad we saw each other again after all these years. I look forward to seeing her when she comes home again next year, and hopefully, she’ll be singing at my wedding. 🙂

I can see that my friend’s in a good place, and it makes me happy. She’s happy. And I know it’s not just because she’s found someone, but it’s most probably a combination of so many good things happening for her. She wishes to come back home and stay for good when her contract expires. I hope she finds (or creates) an opportunity here that would allow her to continue helping her family without having to leave home. I hope she gets what she wishes for, she has a year to prepare for it.

Have a safe trip back to the Middle East dear friend, and stay safe and happy until we meet again 🙂 Isip ka na ng kakantahin mo!

30 Years of UPSA at the CCP

Tonight was a night of beautiful music.

In the hours leading to the concert, I’d been hesitating to go, but only because I wasn’t seeing the show with my girlfriends and it was being held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines which would be a lucky hour away on Friday night traffic. But it’s been at least five years since I’ve seen the University of the Philippines Singing Ambassadors in action, and having pledged as a lifetime fan of the group, how could I miss out on such a momentous event such as their 30th anniversary?

Besides, my colleague Ida was also in the show, and I’d told her even before she invited us that I was definitely going to be there.

The national anthem was being sung while I walked up the steps of the CCP. Leaving my Deena at the baggage counter wrapped up in my violet shawl took awhile because I was unwilling to leave her there. The few minutes of battling whether to leave her or have the boyfriend take her home cost me the seat with my colleagues. Because I was late, I had to sit at the back where it was freezing cold. Nice. My camera was snug and warm with my shawl wrapped around her, while I was shivering in cold!

But the music warmed my heart. My friend Pauie was in many of the numbers, and she again sang the solo (along with another alumna) for Light of a Million Mornings. Can’t help but feel proud of both her and Ida. My dad’s cousin is also with UPSA and he was on the show. Too bad I didn’t get to say hi after as the lobby scene was quite crazy already. Would have been nice to say hi to Carlo too, a friend we also met via Pauie and the UPSA.

I guess yesterday’s post was a bit inspired by the knowledge that I was going to see UPSA perform tonight. The UPSA experience, or the similar high of becoming part of a University-based group, or a cultural group, is something I also missed out on. Again, no regrets, because at the time there really were other things going for me. But if my future kids show even the slightest interest in learning to sing and being part of a choral group, I’d encourage them to join UPSA (assuming they get into UP in college of course). Talk about parents living vicariously through their kids. Haha. 🙂

Makahanap nga ng choir na pwede ko pang salihan ngayon… hmmm.. any ideas? 🙂

Anyway, here’s an old video of Pauie and the UPSA performing Light of a Million Mornings (previously posted here):

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