Personalized Starbucks Planner


Christmas is about the only season that I have Starbucks coffee on a regular basis. One reason is the Peppermint Mocha (hot and cold) that’s been my favorite, the other is to complete the stickers for their famous planners. I first used Starbucks planners in 2007. It was a bulky one, with a leather binder. It’s actually reusable. You can just tuck in a new notebook inside. I’m not sure why I didn’t decide to continue using it. It must be the volume of the thing. I loved the 2008 planner even more. The soft leather cover made it lighter. The pages were also just right. 

This season, Starbucks discontinued Peppermint Mocha. That was really disappointing. In a way though, it was a perfect excuse NOT to get a Starbucks everyday 🙂 Another excuse: I don’t really find the 2009 planner all that attractive. It has a hard cover, in three colors: blue, red and black. None appealed to me. The pages looked a lot like this year’s though.


So I decided to just reuse the 2008 soft leather cover. I made new pages for it, using the digital scrapbooking supplies I’ve accumulated over the year. This one wouldn’t have fixed dates/days on the pages themselves. I find that I don’t write for each and everyday. So to save space, and ultimately on paper, I have dateless pages that I will just label on a daily basis.

I still haven’t figured how I’m actually going to print these out, back to back. I’m sure I’ll find a way though. I’ve designed a cover also. I have yet to make the month-view calendar. I also saw these cute date planners at the bookstore this morning, and I’m thinking of adding pages like that and making identical ones for two of my girlfriends. The idea is to set dates for various activities with someone and plot them throughout the year. 


Here are the pages to my personalized Starbucks planner, still a work in progress:



Cover page starbucks2 starbucks

I was so excited to test these out, I went to buy colored printer ink. I came home disappointed though because there was none on stock for my kind of printer. I’ll probably get one of those compatible inks instead, I’ll just have to get the exact cartridge number. Tomorrow, I’ll be putting together the other parts 🙂

I’ll post credits for the stuff I used soon.