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I am subscribed to the Simple Scrapper newsletter, and today the message was about Scrappers Give Thanks. Here’s some information from their website:

Scrappers Give Thanks is a charitable project of the online scrapbooking community taking place annually around Thanksgiving. It is organized by Jennifer S. Wilson of Simple Scrapper.

2012 Project

This year’s project celebrates our online community and all those who generously share their knowledge. Volunteers have created simple, how-to tutorials on specific memory keeping activities. These tutorials will be sold as a choose-your-own-price bundle from Thanksgiving until Christmas, with all proceeds* going to the American Heart Association, in memory of digital designer Eva Kipler. Click here to see the full charity voting results.

* Every dollar raised will be donated. Create More Media will cover the web hosting, shopping cart software and PayPal fees.

The tutorials look awesome. They have been made with love by volunteers from the (digi)scrapbooking community. What’s best is that you choose how much you want to donate. You can donate as little as $5 dollars and you’ll gain access to 14 tutorials. Or you can give more. The tutorials are most certainly worth more than that. Plus, it’s Thanksgiving. Let’s Give. Smile

Charity Collab for Baby Grace

It has been awhile since I featured charity collabs on the blog. I guess that reflects how much less I’ve been browsing digital scrapbookings sites and blogs. But today, I found out about this beautiful kit that is up for sale. Proceeds go to Baby Grace Levi who has been diagnosed with Vacterl/Vater Syndrome with Truncus Arteriosus, Hydrocephalus and a missing right leg.

Clicking on the preview gives you more information about the collab, and the beneficiary as well.

A freebie mini is also being given away.

Pieces of Me (Another Blog Train)

Here’s another freebie blog train for all you digital scrapbookers out there. No big preview though, but all the links to participating designers can be found here: Pieces of Me – DSF Blog Train June 2012.

Love the soft colors of the palette they played with this month:


Not my usual colors, but I like them anyway. Very fresh!

Here’s a tip about blog trains: take the time to say thank you. These designers are very generous. A lot of them make a living out of their designs but they participate in these freebie hops without asking for much in return. The very least we can do is say thank you in the Comments section.

When you do create something from the downloads, let them know. Link them up. I find that a lot of them would really go out of their way to see your layout. It’s a nice way to get some love back too.

Finally, so you don’t get overwhelmed with so much supplies, don’t download everything. No one ever said you had to download everything in a blog train. Although I must say, I took a peek at all the links and pretty much want most of it. Winking smile

Truth is, I’m trying to resolve NOT to download freebies. I hardly ever really do a layout and my stash is a disorganized mess. But I keep getting these freebies. I’ll use them someday, even for Project Life.

Now, probably the best thing to do to avoid downloading is staying away from the trains or from stalking designers. But it’s not just the freebies that I watch out for. I really love looking at all their creations and how they use it. And I love all the inspiration they provide. Some are even windows to even more beautiful things.

A lot of these creative people don’t only do scrapbooking and memory keeping, a lot are into crafts too, or baking and cooking. And someday, I’ll do all of those too. Haha. Anyway, I also recently happened to stumble on a project using Fossil Beads and that was the first time I’ve even heard of those. I guess time and nature really creates the most beautiful of things and each bead is probably unique. Interesting!

“In the Garden” DSC June Blog Train

I don’t really follow the Digiscrap Connect Blog, but I saw the links from Designs by Krista and followed along. There are some very nice papers and elements along the way, so I thought I’d share here in case I still have digiscrapping readers out there who may be interested.

Here’s the preview:


And here’s the link to the beginning of the blog train: http://www.digiscrapconnect.com/?p=265

My favorite pieces are of course from Krista, Ellie Lash, Geniffer Bursett (first time I’d seen her designs actually), and I’m not even done yet! Not sure how long the freebies will be up, so go follow the train soon Smile

Window Shopping

There are so many gorgeous digital scrapbooking products released this weekend but I’m keeping myself from making any purchases. I figured I should make more Project Life pages first before I even thinking about adding supplies.

Here’s a few stuff I’ve been crushing on:

Filler Notecards 6 by Gina Miller



6” photo strips:


There are more, everywhere. Specially spring and Easter themes. Browsing through blogs and galleries has been inspiring, but it’s also getting to be very tempting to buy more supplies. That would be hoarding for me because I don’t really use them! This hobby can be very addicting too. I look at these stuff like how, I imagine, cigar smokers would look like cigars at BnBtobacco. Speaking of tobacco, if you’re celebrating a graduation this season, go get your cigars from BnBtobacco.com.

As for me, it’s all window shopping. No credit card swiping happens tonight. Smile

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