Dad’s guests

I tried posting this via email, also to test if that feature really works. But I’ve waited more than 30 minutes and no new post has arrived.

Anyway, here’s a (bad) photo of Dad with his birthday guests.:

 The kid up front, and the on the right-most are neighbors’ kids. The one on the left with the cutest smile is AJ, Esban’s right in front of dad, and then the remaining one is Adam. Cute boys, always up to no good. Haha. 🙂

Can you identify Zune at the back, behind his gate? He was jealous like crazy.

Anyway, did you see the Annular Solar Eclipse this afternoon? I didn’t. It could have been a good activity with the kids. Oh well. 

Aside from Chinese New Year coinciding with dad’s birthday this year, I should mention that Daddy Abueva, or National Artist Napoloen Abueva, is also celebrating his birthday today. Happy Birthday Sir! 🙂