Hello, muse?

This feels weird. I finally have a new permanent home for my blog and yet… 

I find no mojo. I know there are a lot I want to write about but they’re just not flowing out of me. I was thinking about reposting all my Project 365 photos but I haven’t even started editing them yet. I wanted to write about our 9th anniversary yesterday (yes, Alfred and I have been together for 9 years!) but I want that post to be special and it isn’t something you’d want to write while you have a nagging headache.

Yes, I’m having another spell. I already popped a pill and that has helped, but I still feel quite heavy. I have errands to run today and we should have actually left this morning but I postponed it to this afternoon until I feel better. But go we must. This was supposed to have been done yesterday but neither Alfred nor I were up to it. Remember the San Benissa unit improvement? Well we have to claim our keys first before they can start that. To get the keys, we need to pay the move-in fee. That fee can only be paid at their head office. Normally, my brother takes care of things like this but his work schedule is a bit crazy this week so he can’t.

Before we leave, I’ll probably just import the posts I made on Blogger during the time that my site was down, or tinker with a new theme that’ll give my blog a more home-y feel 🙂 I’ll also be adding a Dreamhost button that certifies verabear.net as GREEN! Yes, learn more about that when you see the button go up on my sidebar.

I’ve been thinking too much about my work lately and that has also scared away my muse a bit. There have been times when it’s still work that floods my mind even when I’m already home – and even on my rest days. That’s not good. I moved to this job because I don’t want to be that way anymore. I guess I’m still just feeling very stressed about work. I want to stop thinking about handle time and QOS. 

So anyway, I’ll go make myself busy with other things while I also wait for my muse to come back to me.