Days 6 – 10 Project 365

I’ve posted Days 6 to 10 of my P365 photos up at the gallery and it happens that I have never showed Day 10 here, so here it is:


That’s my desk on that day, but it doesn’t look quite as crowded anymore because I’ve since moved the in/out tray to a sidetable that I salvaged. Haha 🙂 Yellow M&M is a real M&M dispenser. I took it to work as a treat for my agents on New Year’s. My dad bought it during a trip last year (or was it the year before?). See that table on my screen? It’s a daily report I send to my agents so they know how they did the previous day. That means I must have taken this photo a few minutes after arriving at work that evening.

Anyway, do hop on over to Digital Memories and look at the rest okay? 🙂

Oh, and I played around with this one again: