Easy Breezy for Baby Bree

I was browsing through links that I’ve saved on the Favorites bar of my browser, and one of those blogs happen to be a digital scrapbook designer’s blog: Summertime Designs.  I found her blog a few months ago, and was thrilled to see her give away fabulous kits, all for free. 🙂

She’s offering another kit on her blog, the wonderful Easy Breezy Kit. But it’s more than just another freebie kit. She made it to help Baby Bree and her family. Bree is a beautiful and cheerful baby battling neuroblastoma cancer.  The donations that Summer receives will all go to Bree and her family.  Check out the link to see what she got for them on the first round of donations they received in the past.  I’ve already made my donation, I hope that you’d consider doing so too.  I donated an amount that I would normally use to pay for a digital kit; it’s also equivalent to a few doses of the best diet pills, not that I buy any.

If you need to be convinced to donate too, then take a look at Baby Bree, isn’t she just cute?


If you’re into digital scrapbooking, here’s a preview of the freebie kit.  The download links are available even without donating, but wouldn’t it be awesome if we’d donate before we download though? 🙂  Click on the image to get to the post:


For non-digiscrappers, you get nothing for donating, but the wonderful feeling of helping another family 🙂