Krister & Bevs 2/20/2010

Today we witnessed the wedding of one of the boyfriend’s closest friends. Like the one we attended in December, this was an intimate wedding with mostly very close family and friends in attendance.

He and Alfred go waaaaay back. They’ve been friends since high school at the Malate Catholic School. They’ve seen each other at their best, and at their worst times too. Today, I saw them and their other best buddies all together (wearing barong) for the first time.

I became friends with Krister too when he volunteered for Asia ACTs when we hosted the annual meeting of TDH Germany’s International Campaign against Child Trafficking. He and Alfred (who ditched his work that week so he could help out) helped us with the many tasks and errands that needed to be done to make sure that everything went smoothly.

That week, Krister shared a hotel room with my colleagues Joy and Ate Reggie, and myself, not minding that he had to sleep on the floor. We spent some nights bonding, chatting about all sorts of stuff, including his love life. Lol. Because of those few weeks that Tengkie shared with us, he was considered part of the Asia ACTs family. OMG! I just remembered how awkward it seemed for him when the boyfriend picked up a fight with me in the middle of all the craziness! Haha! I think though that what’s most memorable from that experience, was all the good food we had throughout the week culminating in a dinner for our guests hosted by National Artist Napoleon and Doctora Cherry Abueva in Tandang Sora home.  I have to find a copy of Alfred and Tengkie’s photo with Daddy Abueva from that night!

Since then I only saw Tengkie very few times, one of which was for our vacation in Sagada (we had the pleasure of his and Joy’s company for the trip). We had planned for them to join us in Bohol, but we ended up going on our own. I felt like I never lost touch with Tengkie though, because Alfred would always update me about him.

Then several months ago, I saw something on his FB status that made me smile: he was picking up someone! Tengkie has a girlfriend and he’s going public with the news! You see, he’s always been kind of private about his many trysts and affairs, haha. 😉 So when we heard about Bevs, we kinda predicted that she was going the be the one. And she is. 🙂

Too bad we didn’t get to talk to them much during the reception, that’s as expected I guess because they also have a lot of well-wishers. The boys were planning on getting together this evening for drinks, but I heard it didn’t push through either. I wonder if they’d be staying with the groom’s family in Cavite, or with the bride’s in Taytay? For all I know maybe they’re already looking at homes for sale or at least saving for one. Boyfriend says they’d probably be staying in Cavite for now. At least there’d be someone to help them take care of their first born when he/she comes out later this year 🙂

I’ll post pictures tomorrow!