Shopping for Bags

Sorry, I’m not over my bag craziness just yet 🙂

I blame our client/guest for getting me bag crazy again, lol. Well no it’s not her fault really. Just before they arrived I had already seen this Coach bag that I so want to own. It’s an original and over 200 dollars. 🙁 So anyway, I happened to notice the client’s bag, it was Coach and surely it was an original so I commented on it. That’s how we learned that we both had a thing for bags, and the trip to Greenhills that weekend was sealed.

Apart from buying pearls, she got bags and boy was she able to get a good bargain. She commented that she doesn’t want to use her bags here anymore because people would think it’s not an original. I think she was shocked that there were so many replicas available, and good quality ones too. I saw several ones that I really liked. I think the bags at Greenhills have moved up a notch. They’re knockoffs but if they just remove the brand and sell them as their own brands, I’d love to buy. What I mean is that I’m not for the brand but rather the look and the feel of the bag. There’s this particularly simple leather tote that I really wanted but I was surprised that they were selling it for over a hundred dollars. I would do a double take for a knockoff that costs 5k. I saw the original Chanel in the Michka stall in the Promenade Mall and it costs a hundred thousand pesos if I remember correctly! You know what? The knockoff version actually looked better. But I still don’t want to spend that much money on the knockoff Chanel.

I’d rather spend my money on an Epiphanie.  🙂